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13 czerwca 2017

Selecting Exterior Paint Colors for your Home

The way you take care of the exterior part of your home, tells a lot about your character and taste. That is exactly why, you should put some effort into making it neat and nice. Of course, one of the most important decisions you have to make concerns the colour of your home. And taking into account the number of various paint colours, choosing one is not that easy for many people.

Some may think, that it is only about our personal taste, but as a matter of fact, durability of the paint is one of the most important factors here, as it should protect the house for as long as possible.

So what is important while choosing the paint? Here are some tips.

1. Be prepared to spend more money

You don’t want to paint your house every year, so you need to invest in a really good paint, that will cover the whole surface well and be resistant to bad weather conditions and any kind of stains.

2. Take the permanent materials into consideration

In case there is some kind of brick or stone foundation, you need to choose such shade of the paint that will go with the underlying tones of these materials. You may think about pairing colours which have opposite colour temperature. That is why, warm red brick foundation can look good if paired with a taupe with cool grey or blue undertones.

House facade ideas

3. Use technology

Nowadays, there are many computer programs that may be really helpful while choosing the right colour of your exterior paint. There are stores that offer their clients such computer colour matching – you just need to take some sample of permanent material with you. However, you can also use some online tools that recommend you colours which match the one you choose, and show you various combinations of colours on images of houses.

4. The colour of the trim

If you don’t want to paint the trims white, you should choose the exterior colour of your house but few shades lighter, as it will look elegant.

5. Use swatches

If you consider few different paint colours, you should buy their test sizes and try them out on exterior. The colour need to be put on the north and south sides of your house to observe how it looks in different lighting, and at different times of the day. That way, you will be able to decide which colour looks the best on your exterior.



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