8 listopada 2018

Pre-flight clothing and packaging

If you are preparing to travel by plane, you should certainly take a few recommendations. It does not matter whether we are talking about their first or their next journey, because certain rules are universal. The first decision we will have to make is that of choosing the right clothes.

It is better to avoid pins and built-up boots, even if they look great, it is also good to give up lacing sandals and ballerinas. Before entering the plane, we may be asked to remove them, and problems with cords are able to introduce unnecessary tension. Therefore, comfortable moccasins seem to be the best solution during the flight, although slip on boots, i.e. boots that can be removed quickly if necessary, are also useful. Do not exaggerate with the amount of jewelry. Already metal bracelets can be a problem, because you have to reckon with the fact that they will let you know about themselves on the goal. Removing a dozen or so creative elements will certainly take a lot of time and does not have to be accepted with understanding either by airport staff or by travel companions.

Hair accessories can also be risky, even though they don't usually hit the eye. If we don't want to give them up completely, let's avoid at least slides and clips made of metal. Instead, it is best to tie your hair with a scrunchy or a headband to keep it in place. The next step should be to choose the right handbag, because it turns out that also this item of clothing can be problematic. Ideally, the bag should be equipped with compartments and closed with a zip fastener. If we have to submit its contents for inspection, we do not risk spilling out. If necessary, we can also quickly remove what we need from the bag. Once you have selected the right accessories, you can think about what kind of outfit to wear for your journey.

Loose trousers will work well here, although there is nothing to prevent them from being replaced by a comfortable dress. Tight jeans should be avoided, especially if the flight that awaits us is not short, and the belt with a metal clasp, which is also disliked by the gates, can be troublesome. Trousers should be made of soft material. It's also good if the blouse will have long sleeves even though the flight is scheduled for the summer. Air conditioning usually works in an airplane, so you can even take a scarf with you, which will protect you from the consequences of temperature changes.

Packaging cosmetics for holidays can also be problematic. This time, quantitative restrictions can be really troublesome first and foremost. Hand luggage shall not be designed to carry liquids of more than 100 millilitres in volume. What is more, they must be placed in one bag - transparent and tightly closed, so that the airport control has no problem with answering the question about what is inside. Sometimes it may also turn out that the airlines themselves impose certain restrictions.

These assume, for example, that the maximum capacity of all fluids will not be greater than a liter. It is worth stressing here that the very definition of fluid can also be surprising, as lotions, inks, deodorants and even toothpaste are often mentioned in this context. Of course, these requirements do not apply to cosmetics that we bought in the duty-free zone, if they are packed in a special way, they can be brought on board regardless of the volume.



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