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Zandalarian Trolls - appearance, history, society

The Zandalarian Trolls are the original troll race, from which all other trolls have evolved. They are equal in height and strength to the ice trolls. There is one known tribe of Zandalarian trolls, the Zandalar tribe.


Trolls are usually tall, slender, but muscular. They reach an average height of over two meters, while weighing around ninety kilograms. They possess both elven and orcish features, as indicated by their long ears and protruding fangs. Long arms, strong legs, and incredible reflexes make them ideal hunters. They only have two fingers and a thumb on each hand and two toes on each foot. Due to the structure of their feet, they do not wear ordinary footwear and feel much more comfortable wandering barefoot, regardless of the terrain.
Zandalar trolls originally had a pinkish skin color. In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, their skin color changed to yellowish, while in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, these trolls are upright, with gray skin color and glowing eyes.




About 16,000 years ago (long before the Night Elves summoned the Burning Legion), most of Kalimdor, which was then one giant continent, was overrun by trolls. The first tribe were the Zandalari trolls - from whom all the other tribes arose. These first trolls lived in a caste society, and over time separate tribes developed from the different castes.
The Zandalarian trolls were interested in history and valued knowledge, but some of them preferred to conquer new territories. These trolls gradually began to split off and venture into the unknown. The change in the environment they lived in caused them to develop separate subraces. In time, these colonizers established their own empires - Amani and Gurubashi.
The other Zandalar trolls were mystical scholars, recognized by the new tribes as guardians of troll knowledge and secrets. They possessed the respect of the other trolls, but did not use it to gain power.

Zandalar Wars

Many thousands of years ago, trolls and Mogu got in each other's way. They should have destroyed each other, but they understood that in war, a clash of similar forces would only lead to the survivors being weakened and even conquered by even weaker creatures. This would be a tragedy that no race wanted. 12,000 - 13,000 years ago, the Zandalari and Mogu held the most powerful empires in Azeroth. The Zandalari allied themselves with the Mogu rulers who ruled Pandaria, keeping the Pandaren as slaves. When the Pandaren rebelled against Mogu, the Zandalari proved their loyalty to Mogu by attacking the young Pandaren empire. Defeating this threat was to be one of the first tests of endurance for the Pandaren, who through perseverance, diplomacy, and unique forms of hand-to-hand combat overthrew the tyrants and founded an empire that would prosper for thousands of years. The Zandalari, like the Mogu, have remained in Pandaren memory only as "monsters" to be feared by children.

The Shattering of the World

At some point in history, a group of dark trolls discovered the cosmic Well of Eternity in the heart of dark Kalimdor. The tribe settled along the shores of the magical lake, and its power transformed them into creatures of mighty magical power - the first night elves. The Kaldorei built a strong and very expansive empire, quickly occupying vast swaths of the original Kalimdor. The night elves wielded magic never before seen by superstitious trolls and easily destroyed the twin empires of Gurubashi and Amani.
Eventually, however, reckless abuse of magic lured the Burning Legion. The demons destroyed the civilization of the night elves. Although no information survives regarding demonic attacks on trolls, it can be assumed that battles took place across the continent.
The finale of this conflict, now known as the War of the Ancients, was the implosion of the Well of Eternity and the Shattering of the World. The center of the continent went under the surface of the ocean, and several smaller continents were formed from the mighty continent. The wise and foresighted Zandalar trolls surrounded their lands with protective spells, ensuring that their land remained untouched. However, when the catastrophe was over and the protective spells fell away, the trolls found that their land had turned into an island surrounded by the ocean, for all the lands that surrounded them had disappeared under the water as a result of the Shattering of the World.
The Zandalar trolls decided that there was no need to leave the island and continued their research on it.
Zandalari Troll

The first clash with the Soul Tearer

The Zandalar trolls kept in touch with the other trolls and soon noticed that the jungle trolls and their empire, Gurubashi, had grown considerably in power. At first they were proud of their brothers' success, but after a while they began to suspect the source of such power. They turned to the old myths and stories they had collected and discovered that the Gurubashi worshipped Hakkar, was known as the Soul Splitter - a cruel deity who demanded blood sacrifices and filled his followers with murderous rage and dark thoughts.

The Gurubashi Empire was already beginning to descend into the chaos of civil war. Every Zandalar troll who was capable of wielding a weapon set out for Stranglethorn Vale to stop the consolidation of Hakkar's power and the final summoning of him to the world. The priestly caste of the blood god Atal'ai was exiled, but despite the victory, the empire soon fell anyway.

Hakkar's Return

The exiled priests of Atal'ai returned to summon Hakkar within the walls of Zul'Gurub. The Zandalar trolls arrived on the island of Yojamba to once again face the Soul Splitter. This time, however, the bloody god was much more powerful, so the trolls decided to call upon the adventurers for help.

Wrath of the Fox King

The Zandalar trolls came to frosty Northrend to gain information about the fall of Zul'Drak. Here the trolls first sacrificed their own gods to steal their power. The Zandalar trolls established their bases in Zim'Torga and Dubra'Jin. '


After the destruction of the blood god and Gurubashi, most Zandalar trolls returned to their homeland of Zandalar, leaving the island of Yojamba.

In years past, the learned and wise trolls of Zandalar often aided both the Horde and the Covenant, fighting their rebellious brethren in Zul'Gurub or Zul'Drak. However, the Cataclysm that shook the world caused them to change their philosophy and look differently at the increasingly dwindling number of representatives from each tribe. Led by the mysterious Zul, they decided to create a powerful united troll empire to prevent the extinction of their race.

Most of the tribes agreed to the proposal, but Vol'jin and his Dark Spear trolls, remained loyal to the Horde and refused. Foreseeing, Vol'jin sent emissaries to both the Horde and the Covenant asking for help, so the rise of the mighty empire was nipped in the bud.

Mists of Pandaria

When the mists of Pandaria descended, the mysterious land immediately attracted the interest of the Zandalar trolls. Despite their defeat in Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub, they decided to continue their fight against the world and appeared in this land. In very distant times, when Pandaria was ruled by Mogu, the trolls fought the Pandaren. A cataclysm destroyed their homeland and they decided to create a new one, right on Pandaria. To realize their intentions, they decided to rebuild their alliance with Mogu, resurrecting the Thunder King.

The Zandalari forces in Pandaria, led by the Prophet Khar'zul, under the direct orders of the mysterious Zul, specialized mainly in the dark arts. The invasion was stopped, but it was too late to stop the resurrection of the Thunder King.

Most of the Zandalari joined the King in his fortress, the Throne of Thunder.


Zandalari trolls form a society focused on the accumulation of knowledge. They are intermediaries between hostile troll tribes.

A typical member of the race spends his days hunting or fishing, or engaged in cataloguing history and studying ancient knowledge. For thousands of years, these trolls have guarded the knowledge and secrets of all trolls, not seeking to gain power. However, that has changed in recent years, and the Zandalar trolls have set out to conquer new lands for the first time in history.


Trolls worship the primordial animal spirits of nature, the powerful Loa, and the spirits of their ancestors. They believe that every being and even inanimate matter has a soul. Spirits thus understood, especially ancestral spirits, are treated by trolls as living, real beings that require sacrifices. For the Zandalar trolls, religion is extremely important, as they have been the high priestly caste for other subraces and troll tribes for thousands of years.



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