28 maja 2019

How to perform an effective training with a heart rate monitor?

How to use the heart rate monitor during exercises?

If we want to improve our sporting performance and increase the efficiency of our bodies, we do not need to invest in expensive equipment. Very often it turns out that a heart rate monitor is enough, which means an inexpensive solution. A watch with a heart rate option can be useful not only for runners. Cyclists and triathletes as well as swimmers will surely benefit from it, although the latter should be careful. Not every solution is waterproof, and therefore not every solution will work for them.

Those who think about triathlon training are often afraid that they will have to invest in really expensive electronic equipment. Of course, training electronics often turns out to be useful, allowing you to personalize your exercises. However, if you want to get your workout set up right, often a very simple watch equipped with a heart rate monitor may be enough. If he also has a stopwatch, you can count on the fact that the training will be professional.

Current heart rate

Pulse monitoring is impossible to overestimate, primarily because it allows the athlete to get to know his or her body. It is thanks to him that we can see in time whether we are not practicing too hard, and at the same time - whether we are not giving ourselves too much forums, although it could be pressed. If you know your heart rate, you can set your own training intensity in the selected ranges. After all, long, but calm runs are carried out differently, and the so-called speed trainings are carried out differently. If we know what the upper limits of such ranges are, we have a better chance of making progress, and the latter are faster.

heart rate monitoring during training


Even a very simple watch often gives us the ability to set the so-called ranges. They are invaluable when it comes to keeping our running pace within the average intensity range. Unfortunately, in the wrong training period too strong a run does not allow you to make any progress, and it happens that it is able to brake them. An acoustic signal can alert us both when we cross the lower limit and when we cross the upper limit of the range. Of course, using this option is best when you know your own maximum heart rate.

Quality of recreation

A heart rate test also makes sense if you want to check if you are sufficiently rested or overtrained. In this case, the knowledge of the resting heart rate is particularly valuable. It's best to test them in the morning before getting out of bed. If the heart rate in a given period is higher than usual, we can assume that the workouts we conduct are too strong, which makes the body unable to regenerate sufficiently.



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