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31 maja 2018

Flat stomach exercises

Showing oneself on the beach requires from us at least a flat stomach and a neat figure. It can be achieved through appropriate exercises combining elements of aerobic training and training strengthening these muscles. In this way we will discover the muscles and enlarge them properly.

When you start training, you should always do some typical aerobic exercises first, i.e. to burn fat. The best options are cycling, jumping, cross-country skiing and swimming. Then you have to do a series of stretching exercises, and at the end you have to go to strengthening exercises.

Exercises for abdominal muscles are performed in 3 series using 30 seconds of rest between them.

I. Lifting the torso and hips with ball

Lie down on your back and raise your straight legs and hold the ball between them. Braid hands behind the head, with elbows to the outside. Lift the hips and chest, tighten the abdomen muscles, endure a few seconds and return to the initial position.

II. Lifting the torso to a straight leg

Lie down on your back, bend your legs in your knees, rest your feet flat on the floor. First lift and straighten the right leg by placing the thighs parallel to each other. Place the ball between your knees. Braid your hands in the back of your head and lift your shoulders, but without pulling your head. We endure a moment and leave the trunk.

III. Torso turns with raised legs

We lie down on our backs, bend our hands and carry them by the head. Bend your legs at right angles and put the ball between your knees. Then move drillsyour legs over the floor and lift the upper part of the body by turning the right elbow to the knees and then the left elbow. Return to the exit position.

IV. Lifting the trunk when lying down on the side

We lie down on the side. Place the upper hand behind the head after bending it in the elbow. Place the lower hand perpendicularly to the body. Lift the lower leg slightly and place it on the ball. We maintain balance on the ball and lift the upper part of the body in the direction of the straight leg, thus practicing abdominal oblique muscles. We hold the moment and return to the exit position.

V. Turns of the raised torso

Lie down flat on your back, bend your legs at right angles and put the ball between your knees. Lift the trunk straight, stop at 45 degrees and turn the trunk first to the right and then to the left. We make a series of twists and then return to the lying position. The body should not fall on the floor before making the full number of turns.



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