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2 lutego 2019

How to illuminate the living room properly?

In order to ensure proper lighting in the living room, it is important to take into account that it is in the living room that the residents spend the most time.

The main criterion for the choice of lighting should therefore be its versatility and easy adaptation to its current function. It is also important to ensure that the amount of daylight can be adjusted.

What other issues do we need to take into account?

  • Is there a TV or dining table in the living room?
  • Will the room serve as a work place?
  • Will the living room also be a bedroom at the same time?
  • whether the lighting is to play only a practical role, or whether it is to play the role of a spectacular arrangement

Of course, these are not all factors, and their number will depend on the number of rooms to be developed.

The best way to plan the light sources is to distribute them evenly. It is also worth remembering that they should have relatively little power. When lighting interiors, it is also good to use a combination of indirect and direct light. An example of such a solution are e.g. scones that glow upwards or upwards and downwards, as well as ceiling lamps, which can glow upwards and downwards or only downwards.

Therefore, when choosing the lighting for the living room, it is best to choose several types of lamps, i.e. those that are standing or mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Lamp for the living room

When selecting lighting, it is also good to get acquainted with its types. We distinguish ourselves:

  1. decorative lighting - these are lamps that can be easily integrated into any arrangement. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of such a solution is the risk of insufficient lighting effect.
  2. effect lighting - these are lamps that are designed to give a specific effect. An example of this is the concentration of the light beam in such a way that it precisely illuminates a work of art.
  3. commercial lighting - lamps of this type are designed to achieve maximum light efficiency

Due to the minimisation of the glare factor, the best thing for the human eye is lighting, which will give the effect of diffuse and gentle light. The risk of glare increases with the greater visibility of the light source.

Unfortunately, due to a significant power loss, the disadvantage of such a solution will be higher energy costs.

How do I choose light bulbs?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types available on the market?

  1. traditional bulbs - they give warm light, but their disadvantage is that they consume a lot of energy
  2. halogen bulbs - they have a higher efficiency than traditional ones, but they provide sharp light, which can make it difficult to rest.
  3. fluorescent lamps - their unquestionable advantage is energy efficiency. However, electronic ballasts are necessary for their operation

To sum up. When choosing the lighting for the living room, it is worth to choose those lamps in which the light source will not be visible and at the same time without side effects will ensure even lighting of our room.

Regardless of where the lamp is mounted, it should not hurt our eyes.



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