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30 września 2018

Why is a dry cough the most tiring at night?

People struggling with a dry cough know that it is most troublesome at night. All the more so when the infection lasts a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that they want to do everything to find relief. The most important thing is to find the cause of a dry cough.

Causes of dry cough at night

It is true that dry cough at night is the body's response to an infection, additionally intensified by the fact that at night the air is dry and that is why it breathes less well. Therefore, before you lie down to sleep in the evening, you should take care to ventilate the bedrooms and to moisten the room accordingly. Optimal air humidification in the room should vary between 40% and 60%. Deviations in both directions are not advisable, as they may increase cough attacks at night. Investing in an air humidifier should therefore help to get rid of the problem. It is also important to know that a dry night cough occurs when there are allergens in the air that a person has an allergy to.

What to do to calm dry cough attacks?

If we want to get rid of dry cough attacks or at least eliminate them, we have to remember that it will be important to take care of such factors as: proper hydration of the room, systematic intake of fluids, aired bedroom, or a balanced diet. This will make the dry cough less stubborn. However, when the cause of a dry cough is inflammation, it is necessary to go to a doctor, who will save us the right medicine. An effective agent is Levopront, which inhibits coughing in the respiratory tract. It contains lehydropropyzine, which does not affect the central nervous system. It also does not stimulate the body because it does not contain codine. Levopornt does not interact with other drugs, so it is safe for allergy sufferers struggling with dry cough. It can also be taken by children over two years of age who develop an inflammatory condition.



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