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11 sierpnia 2018

What is worth knowing about dental implants?

Are dental implants really safe?

If you are considering the use of dental implants, you often wonder whether you are really dealing with safe solutions. It is worth remembering that implants in a form similar to the one in which they occur today, we have been dealing with since the sixties of the twentieth century. It was then that implants made of pure titanium started to be used and for over half a century they have been a replacement for the roots of teeth that we lost. Today, therefore, we can say with full conviction that we are dealing not only with a safe procedure, but also with a non-invasive one. It helps patients with missing teeth and is effective even for elderly patients. Today, more than 98 percent of implants are accepted, and as implantology technologies are improving, the healing and integration process itself takes place faster than ever before.

2. how long does dental implantation last?

The implant placement procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is usually performed during a single visit to the dentist. It can be much less invasive than tooth extraction. After the surgery, the implant must be carefully cared for, but patients do not have to fear that they will not be able to cope with the new challenges they face. The doctor usually makes a number of recommendations that must be followed, so if both sides work together with confidence, there is no need to worry about any abnormalities.

3. to whom can dental implants be placed?

Thanks to the development of implantology, today we no longer have to worry about possible age contraindications to perform the procedure. Any adult who has had a medical consultation can be treated. The ban does not apply to cancer patients or to those who are struggling with diabetes. It is assumed that the procedure is performed in people who are over 16 years of age. Such a decision is dictated primarily by the fact that we have been dealing with a still developing skeleton system.

Replenishment of missing teeth

Special care is given to people struggling with periodontal diseases. In order to avoid complications, periodontal treatment is usually recommended. The preparation phase is also indicated in patients who, for various reasons, have suffered bone atrophy. In this case, controlled bone regeneration, maxillary sinus lift, bone block transplantation or alveolar process becomes necessary.

4. why should implants be better than standard prosthetic restorations?

Not so long ago one missing tooth was associated with the need to grind those in its vicinity, because only then could a prosthetic bridge be fixed. No wonder that patients were reluctant to think about this procedure. Today, however, it is no longer necessary to give up a beautiful smile. An implant is a much better solution for at least a few reasons, and one of the most important is that we are dealing with a solution that in no way places a burden on the adjacent teeth. It is a full value tooth as strong as its surroundings.

5. what is immediate implantation and when is it possible?

Nowadays there is also more and more talk about immediate implantation, which is the quickest way to do it. Such a procedure takes place immediately after the planned removal of a permanent tooth. In this case, a titanium screw is implanted into the jawbone, which replaces the root of the previously lost tooth. Titanium plasma has special pores and the bone cells produced by our body grow into them. The implant is permanently bonded with the bone and thus becomes a part of the patient's body. However, such a procedure can only be performed if the patient's health permits it.



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