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25 lipca 2022

Can hemp seeds be legally grown in Poland?

The sale and possession of hemp seeds continues to cause controversy and extreme emotions in many circles. This is because many people treat hemp seeds as a narcotic. And intoxicating substances, as is widely known, are illegal and prohibited by law in the Anti-Drug Abuse Act. The controversy surrounding this topic is mainly due to a lack of knowledge about the properties of hemp seeds and the legally permissible situations in which it is legal to possess them. It is high time to dispel all doubts and unequivocally answer the question of whether hemp seeds can be legally cultivated in Poland. 

From the article you will learn: 

  • Can hemp seeds be legally grown?
  • What is worth knowing about hemp seeds? 
  • Is the cultivation of hemp seeds legal in Poland? 
  • What cultivation activities can be carried out legally?

Can hemp seeds be legally grown?

When we want to type the search terms related to the purchase/cultivation of hemp seeds into an Internet search engine, we can discover with amazement that there are surprisingly many websites of stores offering this product in their assortment. So how is this possible when there is so much controversy surrounding the possession of cannabis itself, and it is known that one can get into a lot of trouble for it? It's worth knowing that possession of cannabis seeds and possession of grown marijuana are two different things. In many parts of the world, growing hemp seeds is legal. In Poland - no, and there is a severe penalty for it. On the other hand, it is permitted to possess seeds for collection purposes, which is also very popular. The sector is growing rapidly and more and more distributors are appearing on the market. It is best to buy hemp seeds from verified sources and proven suppliers if you want to count on the highest quality.

What is worth knowing about hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds have gained their popularity due to their many health-promoting properties and their content of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and other nutrients. It is worth knowing that they are rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, help rid the body of toxins, support the immune system and have properties that prevent the occurrence of various inflammatory conditions. Many sources report that the consumption of hemp seeds alone significantly lowers blood pressure, prevents heart attacks, the formation of blood clots or has a beneficial effect on the blood lipid profile by lowering the concentration of bad cholesterol. 

However, when deciding to have hemp seeds, it is worth knowing that you can find different types of hemp seeds in online stores. Popular species are hemp seed or cannabis, which differ from each other in many ways. The former are recognized by their very tall stalk, which in favorable growing conditions can reach up to 3 meters in height. The leaves have a characteristic sawed edge. The plant itself is heavily branched, and its green parts are covered with fine hairs. In cannabis seeds, the concentration of CBD is higher than THC. Compared to the previous species, cannabis seeds are low bushes. They have small, broad leaves. Considering cultivation, both species require fertile and deep soils with regulated humidity and neutral pH. For more to read, visit

Marijuana seeds

Is it legal to grow hemp seeds?

The Anti-Drug Law does not classify hemp seeds as drugs or substances or intermediates used in the production of drugs. Why this legal status? Hemp seeds, like the seeds of any other plant, need to be properly cared for. In order to grow they need the right growing space, conditions and care. Only by providing optimal conditions will a hemp seed grow into a tree, which is a marijuana tree. Does this mean that growing hemp seeds is illegal? Yes. Any cultivation (germination of seeds) of marijuana is treated as a crime and punishable even by imprisonment.

What activities can be carried out legally?

According to the current law, the possession and trade of cannabis seeds is legal, as they do not have any narcotic substances. Fully legal activities include the possession and sale of hemp seeds for collection purposes. The only condition for their possession, is age (at least 18 years old). Many people collect hemp seeds because of their diversity. However, it's not worth planting, germinating and growing them, as this is punishable in Poland. 



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