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11 grudnia 2017

Do you know that playful time spent together with your partner in bedroom is the best way to chase away autumn blues?

Autumn is in full bloom, we feel tired and cold all the time. When we wake up to get ready for work it is dark outside and when we come home from work it is… dark outside. We feel weak and drowsy. Most of us would happily stay in bed and sleep through these dreadful months, only to wake up in spring. But luckily for us we can use our bed and bedroom to chase away this apathy and have some fun. Let’s spice up our lives this autumn with some sexy lingerie and costumes. If you are not sure what can be useful, check out this site for some inspirations:

It is of no surprise that lingerie can play tricks with men’s imagination not only on a first hot date. Even in long-term relationships sexy lingerie can stimulate his curiosity and desire for you. Nothing is more encouraging than a sight of sexy lace shining through your casual outfit. So, dare to be sexy, wear something unusual, like a bodysuit. Black bodysuit adorned with ribbons and tiny, sweet bows is extremely sensual and will surely catch your partner’s eye. There are some frivolous models with padded or underwired cups and side-seam boning in a corset to perfectly shape your waistline. You can also choose from a wide selection of open-crotch bodysuits made of seductive lace or subtle mesh fabric. Wearing such a sexy bodysuit will undoubtedly add some fire to your relationship.

Don’t let daily errands ruin your life

We are often so stuck in our daily routines that we easily forget to take care of our relationships. And relationships are like flowers they need special care, watering and attention, otherwise they fade away. Instead of waiting for your man to buy you a sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, buy it for yourself and surprise him with your sexy look when he gets home from work. You can choose from rich selection of babydoll dresses, that come in sensual black, delicate white or spicy red. Pair them up with sexy garter belt and stockings. Babydolls are very feminine and seductive, they perfectly highlight female curves and subtly hide our bellies and hips. Just make sure your kids are not coming back home too early and welcome your partner wearing sexy babydoll dress and high heels. Or serve him his dinner enveloped in a skimpy, all-over lace chemise with garter straps and matching lacey G-string. Don’t stay stuck in your old ways; go back to being this awesome, hot and enticing girl you used to be before you jumped into your sweatpants.

Sexy costumes that will keep you both busy  

Playing games that involves wearing costumes can be a great way to make autumn evenings hot and interesting. Ask your partner what are his secret fantasies, what sexy scenarios make his heart race. You can easily make them come true. Maybe you can become a flight attendant wearing sexy uniform that flatteringly emphasizes your feminine curves? Or maybe you’d rather wear black, tight Catwoman costume that brings attention to your intriguing eyes behind a mask?

Your partner will surely love you wearing a French maid outfit with its lacy corset, a mini-skirt made of multiple layers of meshwork, satin and lace, short enough to show off buttocks and a white half-apron with satin ruffles that highlights slim waist. And don’t forget a ruffled headpiece and sexy stockings to complete this sexy look.

You can play any scenario you both seem to like the most. Remember, sky is the limit here. You can become anyone you want, at least for a while. So, forget about autumn and cold weather, take your time and enjoy life.



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