4 stycznia 2019


Everyone knows about the fact that many people suffer from cat allergy, even though it is quite a simplification. But few people realize that these sweet pets can also have a similar problem. So how to take care of your cat with allergies? Here are some advice.

It may seem that allergy is not one of the most serious diseases, but in the case of cats it often has a very severe course. The symptoms of allergy are not unambiguous, which means that other diseases, which may be a sign of allergy, must be excluded. Therefore, any information concerning the care of a cat that has an allergy is of great importance for the owners of such cats. It is therefore worth reading this article and learning more about it.


According to veterinarians, our pets are very susceptible to allergies. As it turns out, however, the symptoms do not have to be exacerbated in every cat with an allergy, which is why owners often do not immediately notice that something is wrong. If your cat is one of those animals that suffer from more severe allergies, they can result in very large skin lesions. All the more so because these four-legged animals often suffer from atopy.


What can your cat have an allergy to? For example, flea venom, but the four-legged can also suffer from food allergy to various types of food products, such as milk, fish or beef. In the case of inhalation allergy, the animal is harmed by mites and pollen, and in the case of contact allergy, it can be sensitized mainly by plastics, of which a collar, for example, is made.

allergy in cats

Certainly, one of the most troublesome allergies, both for the cat itself and its owner, is food allergy. It's not easy to treat, and if the allergen that causes it is already established, the cat must follow a very strict diet, from which the allergen must disappear.

It is worth knowing

So far, it has been observed that cats that have been fed canned foods are more likely to suffer from food allergy. The preservatives contained in them may be the cause of allergic reactions.


Considering that cats often suffer from atopy, skin lesions are a symptom of allergy in a large number of cases. Usually cats start to lose their hair and scratch very hard, resulting in bald spots on their bodies. After some time large wounds and a rash form in these places. Then we should practically have no doubt that our cat has an allergy. Of course, in order to confirm this, it is necessary to make an appointment with the vet so as to exclude other types of illness, such as scabies.

Living with an allergen cat

When your cat's allergy is confirmed, there are some changes awaiting you, including the introduction of strict rules concerning, for example, your cat's diet. It allows you to determine what allergen causes your cat's allergic reaction. Although your pet will usually wrinkle at the stage of allergen elimination, the situation will stabilize later on.



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