6 marca 2019

Dog collars or suspenders? What to choose?

Do you want to have a puppy? Which one to choose? Buy or take in? If we want to have a dog designed for a special purpose, such as defending the property, to play with kids or to have a show, we have to buy it, because the breeds of dogs have a specific appearance and character. So everyone can be suitable for different activities. As for the adopted dogs, we are not sure what kind of dog will grow on. However, if you just want to have a friend on four paws, it is best to take in a dog. He will be faithful, cheerful and loved.

However, before we can buy a dog, we must have some accessories that will be necessary for him. Above all, he will need bowls. Specifically two. One should be for food and the other for drinking. It is important that your dog has water in the bowl all the time. Remember not to choose a plastic bowl. Your puppy can bite her and damage his gums or digestive system. A better choice will be ceramic or stainless steel. The dog will also need toys to take care of him and has pulled him away from chewing furniture. What else?

Pets' collars

Your puppy is like a small child, he needs a lot of care and attention. However, walks are also necessary, and to do this you need a collar so that your baby does not die. It is important to accustom the animal to the collar from an early age, so that it does not try to pull it off later. A child on such a collar goes not only to walk on a leash, but we can also instill basic commands in him/her. Remember not to choose a collar based on our aesthetic preferences, but to choose one that will be comfortable for your dog. It should be made of soft and non-rigid material. These leather-like are not a good choice, because your puppy will want to bite them. Small dogs should not wear heavy collars with metal elements such as rivets and stud-type decorations. Anyway, the pet will want to take off even this light collar, not to mention the heavy one.

Or maybe suspenders?

Shelves are designed for train dogs. Thanks to them it was supposed to be easier to pull the harness. Therefore, many people may think that braces are the best thing for a dog. But is it for sure? Sheaves are mostly produced in such a way that they can adversely affect bone formation if using a companion strong strokes or straps press too hard. If we intend to present your dog at shows, the consequences may be unpleasant. If you necessarily want braces, it is better to choose those that are worn by the head and fastened to the side of the trunk. They are safe for your puppy.



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