16 marca 2019

Argentina sightseeing - get to know the most interesting places during your trip with your travel agency

Argentina is a beautiful country in South America. Due to the distance from Poland, it is not the most popular destination for tourists. However, some people from our country decide to visit this distant corner of the Earth. Argentina is a country with a rich history, you can find many interesting places there, and the local culture can delight every guest.

Argentina - a country worth seeing

Argentina is a country that is very diverse. It contains elements of European as well as Indian culture. Cities in this country resemble those in Europe in appearance, while outside of them there is a strong influence of traditional Indian culture. The country is diverse in terms of climate. In the north the tropical climate dominates, while in the south we can experience the Arctic aura. The great advantage of this country are its inhabitants, who are exceptionally nice and open. Contact with them is a pleasure for every tourist.

Interesting landscape

The Argentinean landscape is unique and unique. A part of the country is occupied by plains, where the so-called pampas occur. The western part of the country is dominated by the largest mountains of South America - the Andes. Within the borders of the country lies the highest peak of the Americas - Aconcagua. Those who love mountain expeditions or sports associated with mountain streams will certainly not be bored in this corner of the world. Argentina sightseeing This country will undoubtedly be an interesting adventure.

Our offer

The travel agency offers two options for trips to Argentina:

  • The route of the first of them is: Santiago de Chile - Calama - San Pedro de Atacama - Atacama Desert - Caspana - Chiu-Chiu - Rapa NUI - Punta Arenas - Magellana Strait - Puerto Natales - Torres Del Paine - El Calafate - Ushuaia - Fireland National Park - Buenos Aires.
  • The route of the second option is: Buenos Aires - Ushuaia - Fiery Land National Park - Cape Horn National Park -ula Bay - Pia Glacier - Garibaldi Glacier - Agostini Fjord - Aguila Glacier - Condor Glacier - Condor Glacier. Magdalena Island - Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales - Torres Del Paine National Park - El Calafate - Perito Moreno - Trelwe glacier - Puerto Madryn - Valdes Peninsula - Punta Tombo - Buenos Aires.

The biggest attractions of the proposed trips

Buenos Aires

The historic capital of Argentina, the main city of the country. A city called Paris of Latin America. The architecture of the main part of the city refers to the appearance of European cities. There are many interesting places and objects. Among other things, it is worth seeing the Presidential Palace (pink house), San Martin Square with the English Tower, Columbus Theatre, Calle Florida promenade. The city has numerous restaurants, bars and restaurants where you can eat local dishes as well as fast food.

Atacama Desert

Very well known desert, quite characteristic. It contains sandy, rocky and even salt fragments. A popular place for tourists visiting the southern part of America.

Magellan Strait

The Strait between South America and the islands of Queen Adelaide, the island of Riesco, and the islands of the Fiery Land. It connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. The Strait named after the traveller Ferdinand Magellan, who discovered it and sailed about 500 years ago. A place for sure known to everyone. It is worth visiting them because of the magnificent landscape, climate and its charm.

National Park of the Fiery Land

A park existing since 1960, established to protect evergreen coihue formations and lengue forests. It is a beautiful green area, where you can find many species of plants, animals (a lot of birds). There are glacial and mountainous formations and there are many lakes and rivers.

Cape Horn

It is a rocky cape which is the southernmost part of South America. It is also famous for the very strong winds that occur in its vicinity. They make it more difficult for ships to pass by a cape. Since 1945, the Cape Horn National Park has been established.


Argentina is a unique country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Diversified culture and landscape will ensure that no day spent in this beautiful place will be wasted. When thinking about the direction of the next trip, it is worth considering a trip to South America. All trip points prepared by the travel agency are beautiful places where none of the tourists will be bored.



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