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3 marca 2019

Is fresh food always the healthiest?

The common nutritional consciousness, which can be proud of almost all of us, orders us to accept without reservation the belief that the healthiest is what is fresh, and thus frozen vegetables seem to have a little less nutritional value, and those that are sold in packages have the least of them. As a matter of principle, this conviction is not inappropriate at all, but it turns out that in certain circumstances it leads us to erroneous conclusions, and it is therefore worth verifying them.

A good example of this is spinach, which is offered both fresh and frozen. The vast majority of us assume that the purchase of fresh spinach leaves is the best idea, and you should reach for frozen food mainly when the first of the mentioned options is unavailable for some reason. However, it turns out that we are making a mistake at this point. Frozen spinach actually loses about 20 percent of its nutritional properties, however, if compared to its fresh equivalent, it still has an advantage spinachover it. Many vitamins die precisely because the leaves are stored for a long time after rupture. We shouldn't cheat each other - fresh spinach doesn't reach the store immediately after it has been ripped off. It turns out, however, that the route taken by spinach used in frozen foods is much shorter, and although freezing harms the plant, it does not cause as severe losses as in the case of its prolonged storage after being torn off.

Of course, we should not translate our experiences with spinach into all other plants, because not every plant reacts the same way to the encounter with cold. Let us remember, however, that for many vegetables it is not only freezing, but also heat treatment, which we are so often afraid of, is terrible. This does not harm artichokes, aubergines, courgettes and even cucumbers, so you can count on these vegetables to be just as or almost as valuable as their freshly picked counterparts. Unfortunately, this rule does not work for broccoli or green peas, which may be of concern to amateurs of these vegetables. Neither should canned vegetables be judged with a single measure. Initial verification can also be done in the shop. We should pay attention not only to the price, but also to whether the canned vegetables were produced with the addition of artificial preservatives. We should also remember that the packaging itself has a certain meaning, so products in jars are more valuable than those in cans.



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