7 lutego 2019

What to take for a camping trip in winter?

Spending the night in a tent in winter is a big challenge. However, after proper preparation it can become a real and unforgettable adventure. So what should be provided?

Winter camping is becoming more and more popular. For several years now, Turbacz has even organized a special Winter Camps. When the temperature falls below zero, the human body is exposed to rapid cooling, which can have serious health consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for such bivouacs in advance. Beginners should go on their first winter camping trip with someone more experienced. You also need to get the right equipment.


Which tent works best in winter - tunnel, military or igloo? Should it have an external or internal frame? The opinions are divided here. Certainly, however, the winter camping tent must take up little space after folding, be light and easy to use, as well as resistant to low temperatures and mechanical damage. It is good if it is flexible, but at the same time it resists the wind. In addition, it must have a really large capacity, much greater than the people who will sleep in them and their equipment. What does that mean? At night, steam from breathing settles on the walls of the tent. If it is small, in the morning all the moisture in the form of frost will fall on the people sleeping in it. It will also wet your equipment, shoes, clothes or sleeping bags. This is, of course, unacceptable.


mountain expeditions in winter

In the Polish mountains in winter, two layer karimates with a thickness of at least 1.5 cm are usually used. Military mats have also been very popular for many years. At night, it is worthwhile to use the NRC subsoiling in addition, laying it with its golden side to the ground.

Sleeping bag

The sleeping bag should be large, because it has to fit into it additionally delicate electronics, batteries, some elements of clothing, etc. Some people even use two sleeping bags. Large, made of synthetic materials, serves as an outer layer for temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius. It's also a warehouse. The second one is a matching down mummy to the temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. That should be enough.

Additional equipment

It is obligatory to have additional frame bars, tent repair kit or special reinforced pins with you. It is also worth buying ice screws if the surface is very frozen. A snow shovel or avalanche shovel also turns out to be invaluable in order to remove snow with it. In order to make camping in winter pleasant, we also need to invest in a gas cooker and a light source, e.g. a torch - a battery and a headlamp. A priceless gadget turns out to be also a reusable hand warmer, which does not cost too much. By the way, it can be used to heat shoes.



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