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25 września 2018

Overview of furniture and accessories in honey colour

Yellow is a colour associated with energy, so it is not surprising that the dominant belief is that it will be able to revive any interior. Of course, not everyone loves intense shades, but this does not mean that he or she must give up this colour, because the honey version of it turns out to be perfect.

When we analyze interior design trends, we can see that quite recently they focused primarily on neutral shades, which could have been considered safe. The consequence of this state of affairs, however, must have been a longing for much more intense colours. No wonder that this season there are many more of them than before, and the popularity of yellow is the best proof of this. The honey shade has many additional advantages, as it is so gentle that it can successfully enter the living room and bedroom.

Honeyscale colour in the interior - the best combinations

Yellow is an energizing colour, which gives us a guarantee of freshness and refreshment. So it is best to think about it first of all as an addition to another base colour. If used in excess, often irritating, it often causes eye fatigue. However, honey yellow is perfect for brighter colours, so it fits both grey and beige. However, it can also look good in the company of extinguished blue, with which it balances well. It is also combined with pomegranate and olive greenery. If we want the shade obtained by us to be stronger, we can also consider a combination of honey bile and violet. It turns out that these colours complement each other perfectly as they are on opposite sides of the colour wheel.

mustard seat

Honey furniture as an accessory

Even honey colour can be tiring if it appears in large quantities, so it's not surprising that it's popular today to use it primarily as a colour accent that makes the interior look more like a colourful one. Honey accessories are an excellent option, and if we carefully analyze the proposals of leading manufacturers, we will quickly notice that we can also count on furniture maintained in this color. These are not only functional, but also visually attractive, so they have a decorative function to perform and cope perfectly with this task.

Honey decorations and accessories

If we are afraid that a piece of furniture in honey colour will be too strong an accent, we may also consider an alternative solution. Honey accessories such as pillowcases, curtains, carpets and decorative ceramics deserve special attention here. Honey works particularly well on textiles, so it's worth thinking about a blanket, which you can easily throw through the back of the couch.



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