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27 czerwca 2018

Drugs - effects, symptoms, causes, treatment

Drugs - symptoms

A drug addiction called drug dependence, accompanied by a number of psychological and physiological changes. This addiction can also be found under the name of drug dependence, drug dependence or pharmacomania. It is most often caused by anxiety drugs from the benzodiazepines group, sleeping pills, painkillers, euphorizers, doping and hormonal drugs.

In the first phase we are dealing with a psychological dependence. Everything starts innocently. The addict is convinced that he needs medication. The motivations for reaching for them may vary - for example, the desire to relieve pain, eliminate anxieties, or the desire to increase the efficiency of the body. After some time, however, an inner feeling of coercion appears. Even in the absence of any medical recommendations, medicines are used to relieve mental tension. The whole life of an addicted person is subject to medication. She obsessively thinks about them, plans how to get them, and weave a vision of how pleasant the condition will experience after taking the preparation again.

Drugs - effects

The addict starts neglecting his professional and family responsibilities at the same time. He falls into social isolation and closes himself in four walls. Any attempts to draw attention to the problem by close people usually do not bring any results. A drug addict uses a number of defensive mechanisms, such as displacement, rationalization or projection. He can still convince everyone around him that he has control over the situation and if he wants to, he could stop taking medication at any time. In reality, however, this would be impossible, especially in the case of physical addiction. In this case, the addicted person feels compelled to continuously increase the earlier dose, as the process of increasing drug tolerance takes place.

Long-term use of increasing doses can lead to serious health effects. These include, above all, the gradual destruction of the body's internal organs, especially the liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines. It is also becoming more and more difficult for an addicted person to remain concentrated, in a state of constant irritation, suffering from headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, muscle trembling, excessive sweating or problems with maintaining concentration. However, sudden discontinuation of drugs would lead to an even more serious intensification of symptoms. It could also trigger suicidal thoughts.

Drugs - causes

The problem of drug dependence most often affects those people who have already had other types of psychological problems. These include depression, anxiety neuroses, psychosis, phobias, generalised anxiety syndromes and eating disorders (e.g. bulimia or anorexia). Addicts are usually people with a low sense of value, who cannot find their way into everyday life in search of an immediate escape. Women between the ages of 35-50 are most commonly found in the group of drug addicts. However, this problem can affect anyone, regardless of age and gender.

Drugs - treatment

In the case of both psychological and physiological addiction, it is advisable to seek the help of a psychologist or addiction therapist. A doctor should first of all work through his or her past, sometimes it is necessary to return even to early childhood. This will allow him/her to become aware of the real causes of compulsive use of drugs - e.g. unresolved conflicts, problems with displaying feelings or unforgivable injuries. A support group such as the 12-step therapy may also be helpful. During this process, the addict can find out that he or she is not the only one struggling with such a problem, experience support and acceptance, as well as learn about the stories of people who have managed to overcome this destructive addiction.



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