2 czerwca 2019

What kind of sleeping bag for extreme temperatures?

Many people refrain from camping during the winter because of the prevailing temperatures. It may have been quite unpleasant in the past, but there are many facilities available at that time that will make low temperatures no longer so terrible. In addition to warm clothes, a sleeping bag is important. Today you don't have to wear a very heavy rolled up barrel or a very tiny sleeping bag that will keep you cold.

Types of sleeping bags

Sleeping bags dedicated to really extreme temperatures are made of special materials. This also affects the weight, and thus the price of the sleeping bag. It is worth remembering that the sleeping bag is not intended to heat, but to isolate from the conditions prevailing outside. Its action can be compared to that of a winter duvet. When the temperature of the human body decreases slightly during sleep, the quilt keeps the warmth it has produced and it is still pleasantly warm. The sleeping bags work the same way, the best insulating ones will work even at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Contrary to appearances, air is a good insulator. It is connected with down sleeping bags, which have a lot of air between down, which together with down influences the speed of warming up inside the sleeping bag.

What should you pay attention to?

The budget available must be taken into account. Down sleeping bags, because they are made of natural material, are more expensive than synthetic ones. The way the sleeping bag is stored and maintained is also important in this respect. Down sleeping bag is a better insulator, but it is harder to keep it clean, washing it can spoil the insulation parameters. sleeping bag for mountain tripsYou also need more space for a sleeping bag made of down, as it is recommended to store it unfolded. Synthetics, on the other hand, can be stored coiled. Weight and size are other important elements to consider. Sleeping bag down requires more space, but is lightweight. Synthetic, on the other hand, takes up less space but is heavier than natural. These parameters should be selected depending on the type of expedition. Those who drive into the campsite alone do not have to worry about the weight of the sleeping bag, but those who go on a hike will rather pay attention to making the sleeping bag as light as possible. It is worth noting that unfortunately, allergy sufferers are somewhat forced to buy a synthetic sleeping bag, because those allergic to down can only suffer.

Sleeping bag cut

Few would have guessed, but the sleeping bag's cut matters when it comes to insulating properties. The mummy type is best suited for cold nights, it is narrower at the feet, which may upset some people due to too little space, but it results in a much smaller loss of heat. However, very rarely are models that can be combined into one large sleeping bag so that two people can sleep inside. Sleeping bags may have a cushion-like lining. All these features are present in the sleeping bags of the Danish brand Outwell. Their products can withstand temperatures from +23 degrees to -18 degrees, with optimum oscillation at +3 degrees. However, the brand also has sleeping bags prepared for much lower temperatures.



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