20 marca 2020

Are sponsored articles an effective tool for advertising? Compendium

Sponsored articles, publication of sponsored articles on high quality portals is one of the best content marketing tools. An interesting, controversial article promoting a product or service in a subtle way is one of the best tools for gaining valuable links and traffic on the website.

Content marketing is creating valuable content that will meet the needs of your customers. Marketing agencies very often work with bloggers to promote their clients' websites. Indeed, blog-sponsored articles are one of the most valuable sources of links and traffic on the site. The publication of sponsored articles is still one of the key elements used by SEO Specialists.

The primary purpose of a sponsored article is to interest the user in your product or service and make them act. Content marketing is the creation of such content, e.g. advertising articles that will meet the needs of your customers, but will also focus on building the position and reputation of your brand on the web.

Blog-sponsored articles are a key link building tool.

As you know, just having a website or a shop will not provide anyone with customers. If we want to achieve success in running any business on the Internet, we must make it clear to ourselves that the basis for success is our company's position in Google. However, a high position in the search engine is not enough! Articles sponsored by publishing content on industry websites or in magazines help to reach your target group. A well created sponsored article without putting on a pushy promotion will be positively received by the user and will increase the chance of increasing your company's financial results.

the importance of paid guest publications on the Internet is growing

If you are not on Google, you do not exist

Blog-sponsored articles are one of the key tools used in website positioning. In addition to optimizing the website in terms of content, descriptions and tags, it is also important to gain links - and here an irreplaceable tool is the publication of sponsored articles on high quality publisher portals.

Link building based on content marketing and publication of sponsored articles - natural gaining of links
Link building or acquiring high quality links is an important element of positioning. The key to success is a natural linking profile, i.e. one that does not indicate buying links. Link building based on the content of marketing, publication of articles on high quality blogs, allows you to gain the trust of Google and effectively position yourself. It has been known for a long time that the high position of a website in search results is mainly influenced by external links leading to our website.

Sponsored articles are ordered directly by the advertiser or through an advertising agency that handles the whole process. A sponsored article is created by a copywriter or, as with us, it is possible to order the text to be written. The article can have a typically promotional, reviewing or expert character, which indirectly promotes the company. It often depends on the guidelines of the publishing entity.

Sponsored articles are intended to promote a given brand or a single product or service in order to reach as many recipients as possible or to leave a positional link in the highly rated by Google. In almost every case the publication of sponsored articles is paid for, with the exception of barter exchanges only. Most of the information contained in the content of the advertisement is of a positive nature to persuade the user to take advantage of the offer. In this case, most companies focus on creating educational content to avoid pushy promotion.

articles that inspire confidence in internet users

The publication of sponsored articles is becoming increasingly important for the positioning of the website from year to year. Catalogues used to play a key role in positioning. Today, catalogues are no longer of such value, as evidenced by the closure of even the main catalogues such as catalog.onet.

Sponsored articles, as opposed to catalogues, give the opportunity to subtly offer the customer an important advantage. The purpose of a sponsored article may be to promote a product or service, improve the brand image, increase the position of the brand in the network.

Sponsored articles can have various forms - the most common are:

1. Thematic text
Such a text may be a typical advertising article, promoting a product, service, company or its website, but we do not recommend this form. Internet users do not like pushy advertising, so you have to reckon with the fact that they will not read such text willingly. Therefore, it is better when a sponsored article does not advertise anything directly, but discusses some issue, preferably - interesting for the reader. It should be related to the advertiser, his product or service and give an excuse to place a dofollow link. The language of such a sponsored article should be uncomplicated and understandable to most readers. It is good to avoid specialised expressions in it - unless accompanied by explanations which dispel all doubts.

2. Expert text
This is already an extensive dissertation on a subject, supported by sources, quotations, often also infographics, charts, etc. Writing such a text can take several days, hence the fee for it is quite high. However, it is rare for a copywriter to be able to write such a text. The advantage of a sponsored expert article is that due to its professionalism, reliability and generosity it can be quoted by others, made available in social media, and obtained dofollow links.

Sponsored articles on blogs - publication of sponsored articles on high quality portals - key benefits
→ are a very effective form of positioning
→ increase in traffic on the site, shop
→ increase in sales
→ building a brand reputation
→ building a position of industry leader and expert
→ provide content
→ subtly advertise your product
→ present the advantages of the product/service
→ are much more reliable than other forms of advertising (e.g. catalogues)
→ contain keywords and links leading to your site
→ increase in the number of fans

Blog-sponsored articles build the trust of your future customers. They are an excellent and proven method for obtaining valuable links.

If you're wondering how to write a good sponsored article, be sure to follow these tips:
→ Interesting title and interesting photo

Your article must stand out from other publications on the publisher's website. Bet on photos related to the topic and an interesting title that will encourage you to click on the link.

→ The more information, the better

Try to exhaust the topic with as much information as possible. Good sponsored articles have no less than 1500 characters.

→ Bet on solving the problem, not on pushing sales

Think about how the offered product or service can benefit the buyer and identify the item that will solve the problem. The phrases "top quality", "super price", "best on the market" will in no way bring you closer to success in sponsored articles.

→ Write for a specific user

Depending on the company's offer, think about who you are addressing. Do you sell console games? You can use slang, interesting metaphors, comparisons to fictional characters etc. If you are selling medical products for the elderly, you have to choose a clear language with sensitive medical definitions. Get to know your customers before you create an advertising text.

→ Create clear content

Probably not once have you read an article that had only an interesting title, because the rest didn't make any sense. Avoid such content. For different industries, there may be advanced definitions, completely unclear to the ordinary user. Try to describe the product or service only in understandable words. If you use industry-specific definitions, expand them! Teach potential customers a few new things.

→ Don't forget the link!

Depending on the publisher's guidelines you have several possibilities to place information about your company. Some portals allow you to place a redirect link under a given keyword, e.g. "Explore an interesting offer to create websites in a web positioning package that will facilitate the promotion of your company". Other websites allow only for the so-called brand links, i.e. "The article was prepared in cooperation with the blog. Remember also to learn the definition of "nofollow" and "dofollow" links, which are very important in positioning.



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