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How to use whiteboard paint in interiors?

A board and chalk are something we remember from our youth and school years. Today's form of this object is a board paint, which we paint walls, wood, plywood or cardboard. It is a modernity thanks to which we will create beautiful works or serve us as a help for various purposes.

Children's drawings, adult graphics, notes, calligraphy - everything we want. We can place them whenever we want on our wall or other objects. We write or paint and rub off, there is nothing simpler. Together with the brand Dulux, the manufacturer of the brand Dulux, we suggest how and where we can use the board paint.

Board paint in the child's room

Not one child dreams of being able to paint on the wall. And it is the child's room that is the most common location for such a plaque. Artistic works, but also learning aids, all notes and patterns, dates, as well as the recording of important events and activities. The traditional way to use paint is to paint a wall or a part of it.

We can also use a template to create a shape or character if we want to keep as much colorful surface as possible. You can also paint the table top so that your child will be comfortable and will not need a white card.

The board can be used to paint furniture, i.e. drawer fronts or doors. Such creative whiteboards will save you from painting on the walls with markers or crayons. Less nerves and more joy.

Scoreboard in the kitchen

This is a great place for board paints. It is a very stylish and original idea and at the same time a very functional element. And it is becoming more and more popular as a decor of our interior. Kitchen is a place where everyone in the household happens every day. This way you can leave messages, save your favourite recipes, shopping list or schedule of the day.

Thanks to this paint we can create many original things, such as herbarium or spice.

Board paint in the house

Board paint as a living room decoration

Paint can become a beautiful decoration and finish of our living room. Excellent for modern dark rooms but also as a contrast to light arrangements.

We can paint the whole wall to create space for everyone. Drawings and graphics flashing are beautiful decorations with character. You can also paint the shape and put pictures from family memories inside. Dress the whole thing in a frame so that everything looks beautiful. In addition, you can add dates and individual information to create a nice corner.

Home office with a plaque in the lead role

Home office is a place where we spend a lot of time. We perform our duties so we have to arrange everything to be functional. With Dulux paint we will paint boards on which we will be able to draw the whole planner for the whole week or month. This is a convenient solution because everything will be at eye level. You don't have to watch out for small cards that are constantly getting lost. Everything will be in front of us until we decide to blot it out.

Hallway - treasury of gadgets with board paint

The hall is another suitable place for board paint. This interior is the first that we see at the entrance and at the same time the last at the exit. A board drawn on the door allows you to leave short notes for other members of the household.

Board paint is also suitable for painting decorative elements such as key boxes or wall clothes hangers. You can assign any thing to someone else.

With the help of board paint we can not only paint the wall in the room of a small artist, but also renovate old furniture or make a creative DIY project. We will use whiteboard paint in practically every room. Its deep and matt black shade is a great way to create modern wall decorations and accessories, but also an excellent base for joyful colours and patterns made with chalk or home notes.



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