Interior design
3 maja 2018

We combine a living room with a bedroom - a guide!

The double room, which is both our bedroom and living room, is not a novelty. After all, not everyone has a flat with a sufficient number of rooms. Also in modern rooms it is possible to arrange such an interior in an interesting way. All you need to do is help yourself with good tips.

Furniture with sleeping function

A sofa, a corner sofa or a traditional sofa bed is an ideal idea how to easily combine a living room and bedrooms into one. During the day they allow us to relax, while at night we can unfold them and gain a comfortable bed. When choosing such a piece of furniture in a shop, we should only remember to choose models that have a bedding box. Then we will not have any problems with its storage during the day. It is also quite important whether the piece of furniture is intended for everyday sleeping on it or whether it was created for occasional reception of guests.

Bed and sofa in the same room

Even in small interiors, we can separate the living and sleeping areas. Just insert a thin wall or even a screen. Then, in addition to a sofa for rest during the day, there is also a place in the room for a comfortable bed to sleep.

Separation of living and sleeping areas

Deciding to put the sofa and bed into one interior, it is necessary to separate the area we use during the day and the place where we sleep. We have at our disposal at least gypsum-cardboard walls, but also decorative screens or curtains. A good and practical solution is also the use of an openwork shelf or an ordinary wall unit.

Zones in the apartment

At the same time, we must remember to ensure that each zone has sufficient access to daylight. Ideally, in the case of a combined living and sleeping area, if a partition is used, we should position it perpendicularly to the window, but when this is not possible and the light can only be let into one of the zones, it should be the living area. In this case, it is also advisable to refrain from building the wall to the ceiling itself, or opt for the use of a wall made of milk glass. This way we will make sure that some of the light will continue to go to the second zone.

Coffee table in a double function room

Regardless of whether you choose a bed and sofa or just a sofa bed, there should be a place for a coffee table in the connecting living and nightroom. In order not to diminish the space optically, we can choose a table made of transparent glass or plastic, or a small table made of wood or polycarbonate. If only we have such a possibility, it is also good to choose models with all types of lockers, or even shelves or drawers.

How to set up cabinets and shelves?

A wardrobe is an essential element of home furnishings, and in a small room it will be perfect to have a sliding, mirror door. If we haven't separated the day and night zones with shelves, we should definitely stock up on them in order to gain space to store our belongings.



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