29 czerwca 2019

How to travel in Germany? Trains, buses and public transport

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe. They are in seventh place in this respect. The country is very diverse, and its most interesting points are sometimes far apart from each other. Therefore, in this case, we very much need good organisation and, above all, proper transport. The communication between the different cities is really very good. However, sometimes we need to be headstrong to spend little time on the journey and not to ruin our wallet.

Rail transport - trains in Germany

There is no doubt that we are able to get to Germany by train as quickly as possible. However, there is one minus side to this, as trains are very expensive there. However, their journey is comfortable, they do not have long delays and many direct connections. As in Poland, we have different divisions for trains in Germany. Others travel longer distances, while others travel shorter distances.

The most expensive and most luxurious are the InterCityExpress trains. They ride on very long routes, are comfortable and, above all, very comfortable. If you are interested in a shorter distance, it is worth taking a regional train. They're usually half the price. Sometimes tickets purchased for them also entitle you to use public transport and be able to get to the station.

When it comes to buying a train ticket, we have two options. We can use the special vending machines that are at the stations. However, if you want to save some money, the best option is to buy a ticket via the website. Then we receive it by e-mail and usually have a few more euros in our pocket. If you plan to travel well in advance, you may sometimes come across Sparpreis. These are special price opportunities that allow us to buy tickets much cheaper.

trains in Germany

Is it possible to plan a cheaper train trip?

As with any other form of transport, you can travel by train in Germany much cheaper. There are several options that allow us to do this. The first option is to purchase a BahnCard. It entitles us to discounts of 25%, 50% or 100%. For a card we have to pay 62, 255 and 4090 euros in turn. The card comes to us at home, but we can also download it and print it out immediately so we can use it.

BahnCard Flex is a subscription card. It has one month's notice, but we must have it at least 3 months. The cost is only €6.50 for an adult.

German Rail Pass is another card that offers us cheaper travel. We can use it for a few specific days in one month (minimum 3 maximum 10), or a maximum of 15 days every day. This card is cheaper for people under 26 years of age. Also, buying two tickets at once is more profitable for us. However, it is not a cheap card. In fact, the more days we buy back, the more profitable it is for us to actually invest in it.

We also have the option to purchase a weekend ticket, which is known as the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket. Its validity starts at midnight on Friday and ends at 3 am on Monday. It can be used by up to 4 people at an appropriate surcharge. It does not apply only to children under the age of 15.

Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket allows us to travel all over Germany. Also can join this option 4 people for a fee and children up to 15 years of age for free. You can use this option from Monday to Friday.

Private train lines

In addition to Deutsche Bahn, the state airline, there are also private ones in Germany. They are much cheaper and sometimes you can find great price opportunities.

Low-cost bus transport

However, the cheapest buses in Germany are definitely the cheapest. Sometimes it is worth to use this option, even if you make a bit of a detour. This is because we are able to save some money. There are Eurolines and FlixBus in Germany.



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