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19 stycznia 2019

Stretch marks after pregnancy - formation, prevention, removal

Stretch marks after pregnancy - formation

The appearance of stretch marks will be associated with the disruption of cells producing collagen and elastin in our skin. Thanks to these proteins, the skin will be tight, firm, elastic and the epidermis will have the ability to regenerate. During pregnancy, collagen fibres will become weak, which will be related to the issue of cortisol produced. It impairs the work of collagen-producing cells and as a consequence the fibres will be brittle and are not as tensile resistant. During rapid weight gain they will crack. Little aesthetic scars at first are pale pink, then they become red, purple, increase the length and width. After giving birth they can change colour to white or pearl. Stretch marks after pregnancy are a problem that we can influence. You will need to act before they appear.

Post-pregnancy striae - prevention

If we eat during pregnancy, we must take care to eat the right amounts. However, you cannot overeat too much. In our diet we must remember to have zinc, which also contributes to the production of collagen. It can be found in pork liver, beef roasts, almonds, beans or oysters. During pregnancy, it is very important to establish a proper body constitution. If the skin has a good amount of water, it is elastic and more susceptible to stretching. The risk of cracking and stretch marks will be reduced.

Stretch marks after pregnancy

Taking care of the skin after stretch marks is too late. From the first weeks of pregnancy it is necessary to massage the skin twice a day with firming creams. It is also best to perform a peeling once a week, thanks to which the preparations will be better absorbed. Cosmetics should have vitamin E as well as extracts from marine plants. Many benefits for the skin are also a lot of movement. It will be important to make the skin tighter and bloodier. Remember to seek medical advice before starting sports activities in order to rule out contraindications to training.

Post-pregnancy striae - removal

If efforts to prevent striae do not bring satisfactory results or it is not possible to fight striae before childbirth, cosmetic procedures will certainly save you. In the beauty salon you can use microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, laser therapy or chemical peeling with the use of special glycolic acid. These treatments can also help us to deal with stretch marks, once they appear and preventive measures will not help us and will not stop stretch marks.



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