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29 maja 2019

How to take care of the floor?

A wooden floor is an extremely elegant and timeless solution. If we want the parquet to stay beautiful and impeccable for a long time, we have to take proper care of it. Otherwise, he'll soon lose his shine. How do I care for my wooden floor?

First of all, systematically remove the sand

Sand is the biggest enemy of wooden parquet floors. It acts as an abrasive paper, gradually destroying the floor surface. Therefore, you should vacuum it regularly. In this way we can easily get rid of dangerous particles, which could be a source of unsightly scratches.

If you want as little sand as possible to get into your home or apartment, you should install wipers in front of the entrance to limit the amount of sand you can bring in on your shoes.

Second, properly clean the parquet floor

Vacuuming alone is not enough to keep your wooden floor clean. It is necessary to wash it systematically, but during this activity it is worth remembering about a few important issues.

First of all, we should not expose the parquet to too much moisture. For this reason, a flat mop is a better choice when cleaning a wooden floor. The string variants can leave a pool of water on the parquet floor, which does not serve the wood.

Furthermore, the wooden floor should be cleaned with a mop pressed down from excess water. It may be moist, but not wet. Water has a negative effect on the parquet floor. To remove more difficult dirt, you can add a small amount of mild detergent, such as dishwashing detergent, to the water in which you rinse the mop. We can also use special cleaning agents for wood.

While taking care of the floor, we recommend to use Staples floor cleaning products.

Third, impregnate the wood

Impregnation is a treatment that will help us to protect a wooden floor against mechanical damage resulting from everyday use. Usually parquet flooring rainforests are covered with a protective layer already at the stage of production. From time to time, however, it is necessary to remove the old coating and reapply the product. Which wood preservative to choose? There are two main types of measures available on the market for this purpose:

  • oil waxes - penetrate the structure of wood and protect the floor against mechanical damage and moisture penetration, however, they require ongoing maintenance,
  • lacquers - do not require maintenance and very well protect the wood against damage.

A slightly different solution is to paint the parquet with an emulsion. What kind of paint for wooden floors will be suitable in this case? First of all, the one with high resistance to abrasion and scrubbing. These conditions are met by phthalic paints. Their binder is an alkyd resin, while the thinner is usually lacquer petrol. Products of this type also have other advantages:

  • do not contain harmful compounds such as chromium or lead - they are therefore safe for the environment and users,
  • are characterized by very good performance,
  • provide a glossy finish that gives the floor an elegant appearance,
  • The most common colours are brown, which emphasizes the colour of the wood.

Wooden flooring undoubtedly adds charm to any interior. However, if we want to keep her impeccable appearance for a long time, we must take care of her. It is important not only to vacuum and wash it regularly, but also to impregnate it properly. In turn if we wish to change the appearance of an old parquet floor, let us decide to paint it with an opaque paint. 



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