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15 marca 2021

The need for a healthy diet

With the world rushing forward and taking people with it at this frantic pace, there is beginning to be a lack of time to enjoy cooking, let alone preparing healthy and balanced meals. Looking for a solution to this problem, diet companies have developed plans to provide their clients with kits prepared according to individual guidelines, containing five or more nutritious and healthy meals. This is how the idea of a home delivery box diet came about. Large, widely advertised companies are now focusing on operations in big cities, especially when it comes to the catering itself, while in smaller towns you can find local service providers delivering healthy meals to the place specified by the customer. In addition to developing boxed diets that are available to residents of select cities, the originators have prepared ready-made diet plans for everyone, customized and following the guidelines of certified professionals. Such diet plans, available for little money, make it possible to consume tasty, varied meals of appropriate caloric content every day and at the same time give the assurance that they are prepared from natural, selected purchased ingredients.

Diet is not as terrible as it is painted

When hearing the word "diet" many people imagine a restrictive limitation of the number of meals eaten and calories consumed, while in fact the most important commandment binding during the implementation of any diet is "To lose weight, you have to eat". The regularity of meals is one of the pillars of a well-designed diet plan and a box diet ensures this regularity. Diets are also associated with obsessive counting of calories contained in each meal, which can be very difficult for an amateur at the initial stages. This is where diet catering comes to the rescue - the calories in all meals are precisely specified, and their amount assimilated each day is identical, so the body quickly and without unnecessary strain gets used to a new dosage of energy. Optimal diet plans, usually prepared by clinical dietitians in different calorie counts, allow everyone to choose the right option for themselves without risking their health.

Jak zdrowo się odżywiać

A nod to vegetarians

It is increasingly common to see people who, for taste, ideological or health reasons, give up eating meat altogether. Considering that the lack of meat in their dietary plan should be replaced by other foods that provide similar amounts of nutrients, nutritionists have developed a solution, which is a vegetarian box diet.

It is usually based on a wide selection of plant-based foods, dairy products and eggs. If there are no contraindications, the diet can also be rich in fish. Another alternative to meat are tofu and legumes - articles rich in fiber, regulating the rhythm of bowel movements, prevents constipation, reduces hunger and lowers blood pressure.

Ecology first of all

Boxed diet with home delivery can be associated with unnecessary generation of plastic waste, and this is a huge problem in the modern world. It is easy to calculate that five meals received for thirty days in a month gives as much as one hundred and fifty plastic packaging that cannot be recycled. For this reason, the largest diet catering companies are going with the ecological trend and slowly phasing out plastic packaging, replacing it with cartons of natural origin. Such packages are one hundred percent biodegradable, safe for health and the environment.

Reasons for lack of results

Attempts to lose weight on your own without the help of a professional dietician rarely end well. Restrictive starvation, irregular meals, frequent eating of ready-made products or drinking insufficient amounts of water are the most common mistakes made during weight loss. However, the list does not end there, because apart from such general, unhealthy eating habits, you should pay attention to small, but extremely important habits. The first is drinking coffee, which according to many sources increases metabolism. In fact, coffee improves intestinal peristalsis and regulates bowel movements, but it has little effect on the amount of fat burned, so it does not help in weight loss. Caffeine does indeed increase the rate of lipid metabolism, but the active caffeine content in a cup of coffee is not sufficient to produce visible effects.

The second habit is drinking alcohol. Not only is alcohol itself extremely calorific, in addition it whets the appetite. There is a very high probability that a person intoxicated with alcohol will reach for unhealthy snacks that provide many empty calories. The third negative habit is giving up breakfast. After a night during which the brain works, it is necessary to provide it with an adequate amount of calories in the form of a nutritious, healthy breakfast. Skipping this meal makes the morning very tiring for the body and again increases the likelihood of reaching for an unhealthy snack that will immediately provide the brain with the right dose of glucose. The fourth unhealthy habit that, fortunately, a delivery diet crackdown on is eating portions that are too large. Although at first it seems that the portions that are delivered according to the chosen diet plan are far too small, after some time it turns out that this is exactly what the human body requires to feel satiated, without the desire to snack during the day. The diet prepared individually completely covers the energy needs of the person for whom it is prepared. The most important thing, however, is to use the services of certified, clinical dieticians who have experience in this field.

Balanced menu

It is important to remember that you should not independently give up a group of products that, according to unproven sources, is harmful to health. You should not reduce the intake of carbohydrates to zero, exclude fats or proteins from your diet. All these nutrients are necessary for the proper functioning of the body and the process of controlled weight loss. Only a dietician will properly select the proportions and establish a nutrition plan in such a way as to provide the body with exactly the amount of nutrients it needs. Diet catering and individually arranged menus designed for cooking at home will work great in this case, if the company providing these services can boast of having a clinical dietician on staff - trust only proven, certified companies so as not to compromise your health.



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