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6 lipca 2018

Hits of aesthetic medicine


Lipofiling is a modern procedure which consists in modelling and supplementing tissues by own fat cells. It has been known for some time, but only recently it has become popular. Fat cells are taken from the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. After appropriate preparation, they are given where there is a shortage of tissues. In this way you can improve the appearance of the face, model it, level furrows and wrinkles. Thanks to the autonomous origin of the substance and the content of stem cells, the skin heals more easily and such a preparation will not cause irritation or allergic or allergenic reactions.

Mesotherapy electroporation method

Probably few people expected that this discovery would have such an important meaning for aesthetic medicine. It turned out, however, that aquaporin in the cell membrane solves an important problem of dermatology and so how to cause active substances in high concentration to penetrate deep enough into the skin. Based on this discovery, the electroporation method used in the innovative Dermation treatment, which will result in a higher permeability on the cell membrane. This will ensure that we have the maximum dose of active ingredients. The agents used during the treatment may have a concentration of up to 90%.

Lifting for thirty-year-olds

Currently, new solutions are being introduced when it comes to PDO threads for skin lifting and revitalization. It is a myth, however, that treatments with such lifting threads are reserved for mature patients.

Aesthetic medicine

Currently, they are also recommended for people over thirty years of age, whose skin will show signs of aging, such as flaccidity, progressive decrease in volume. The threads have a dual-track effect, lift the skin with flaccidity, but also stimulate collagen production, it will make such a treatment last for a long time, lasts for up to two years and will be able to limit other treatments thanks to it.

American peelings

Specially selected mixes of active ingredients with a high concentration, which solve the most common problems of aging skin. The formula has been enriched with probiotics, stem cells, biomimetic peptides or botulinum toxin derivatives.

Video body documentation

We have known for a long time that prevention is better than cure. Prevention is currently one of the strongest trends in medicine and not only aesthetic. Practically twice a year, we should carry out checks on the ratings on the body. Nominal mapping in digital dermatoscopy will be a novelty that may change the market.



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