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Black furniture - what is the colour of the walls in the apartment?

We should not be surprised by the praise that is given to black, as it is elegant, timeless and classic. People are mistaken who think that it must be somehow gloomy automatically. It is therefore worth checking out how it can be used indoors.

Not everyone associates black positively and for many people it remains sad and mourning. Meanwhile, it is commonly believed that this is one of the most elegant colors having and the plus that it blends beautifully with many other colors. Of course, the whole interior in black would be depressing, but if we use black accents skillfully, we can be sure that the interior will gain both in class and in character.

Beauty of black walls

Even in the largest and brightest room it is not recommended to paint all walls black. However, if we think of one black wall, we are entitled to expect really interesting results. This will allow to contrast it with other elements of the interior design, and the whole will gain in character. Black is perfect for example when we want to emphasize a niche in the room. It also helps to separate a specific fragment of the wall and creates an inspiring whole with shelves contrasting with it.

Black furniture and its advantages

black furniture in the apartment

If even a small part of the black wall seems too bold to us, we may consider introducing black furniture into the room. It can be a leisure set, as well as armchairs and shelves. The black wardrobe and chest of drawers also look great. The interior then gains in character and becomes more elegant.

Black textiles

Another simple way to introduce black into the interior, while at the same time not provoking a great revolution, is to bet on black textiles. Black in its classic and elegant appearance works well on them. It also has the advantage that it matches many other colours, making it easier to place indoors. In this context, decorative cushions, bedspreads and blankets seem to be interesting solutions, although black curtains also look very elegant, which perfectly retain the light flowing from the outside.

Black additives

Of course, there is nothing to prevent black from becoming the colour of other accessories, such as a vase, candlestick and platter. These items of equipment are eye-catching and there is no need to be afraid that they will optically burden the interior. Another interesting solution in this context seems to be a poster and a mirror in the black frame used to decorate the wall. Also in the bathroom, black accessories can add character to a room.



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