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5 lutego 2019

Flowers in a modern living room - how to choose?

Arrangements illuminated by daylight are fashionable today, so it is no wonder that the fashion for greenery in the apartment has also returned. Flowers in a modern living room return to grace, and people involved in interior design think about which potted flowers can be considered the most fashionable.

Today more and more often reference is made to solutions from the sixties, for example. So we are dealing not only with large glazing, but also with wooden cladding, openwork furniture and a reference to the colours of the ground. However, bright interiors need a strong accent to exist. Today we are moving away from exaggerated decorativeness, so it's no wonder that the interior, looking for something in return, opens up to high vegetation.

Flowers for living room

Live or artificial flowers for the living room?

Salon is a place for flowers in every edition, although the final effect delights above all when we remember how important it is to maintain moderation. If we rely on large patterns, caution is recommended, otherwise it may turn out that the arrangement will quickly saturate with them. If the flower pattern is to appear on the wall, you should expect it to become dominant, so it is better not to use more than two patterns.

If we like cut flowers in a special way, it's good if they go to the original vases. Such a composition makes the interiors look more elegant. It is also worth remembering that the more decorative a bouquet is, the more modest should be the vessel to which it is to be put.

Peaceful plants

Where to find a place for flowers in the living room?

Although artificial flowers in a modern living room do not come as a surprise, much more often we still decide on their living equivalents. Of course, the most popular places where we place them are always the windowsill and floor. However, flower beds, tables, stools and library stairs, on which flowers look just as good, are also becoming fashionable. It is worth remembering that the setting of the plant depends to a certain extent on its appearance. Therefore, if you have potted plants with sharp leaves or those with spikes, it is best to put them away from the busiest places.

If we decide to use light flowerbeds, there are no contraindications for them to perform solo. However, you can also create very picturesque groups out of them. Any potted plant can be placed in the flowerbeds, but the plants that have delicate leaves are really good. If you like large plants, special pots equipped with wheels to make it easier to move them. Tall flowers, on the other hand, like company, so you can place them surrounded by hanging flowers.



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