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29 lipca 2017

How to manage stress when you are a busy mum

Working mothers have to deal with lots of duties, which can cause some stressful situations in their everyday life. As you may imagine, stress is not good for our health and that is why we should try to find the way to manage it.

Almost every day women need to take care of many various errands, like housework, children’s school assignments, but also responding to emails and dealing with assignments from their own work. It is not easy, and with the limited time for all of this, stress seems to be something natural. However, we should not let it be a permanent part of our lives. With so little time left for the pleasure women tend to give up exercising, but it is definitely not a good idea. Physical exercises can help us get rid of stress and anxiety, and that is exactly why we need to give ourselves that opportunity to let go for a moment and relax.

And you do not need to spend hours at the gym, as you may save a lot of time by doing even short workouts at home. There are many ways to release the stress by exercising in your own living room. You can even carry a skipping rope with you, and use it when you have some free time, for example during lunch break at work.

When we do not have much time for preparing meals for ourselves and our family, we usually take the easy way out and we order some fast food or take-outs from restaurants. Of course, we may do it from time to time, but we shouldn’t get used to that kind of food.

healthy eating

However, if we don’t have a choice and we can’t prepare a meal at home, we need to find the healthiest dish in a menu. Instead of ordering fries and chicken nuggets, we should take for example salad and baked chicken breast. What is more, we simply can’t drink soda, which is not good for our health. Water is for sure a better choice in this situation. Remember that junk food will only make feel more tired, and that isn’t something good for someone who lacks sleep and is constantly stressed out.

Another important thing is to realize that such situation will not last forever. There are periods of time when we are really busy, but after all it passes by. And on no account think badly of yourself if you won’t manage to exercise regularly or eat healthy all the time. Nobody is perfect, so instead of being judgmental and mean to yourself, try to be positive.



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