Interior design
20 listopada 2018

How to arrange a guest room?

A perfect example is a hotel room. Quiet, subdued with uniform colours. In the house it is best to use a room away from the noise.

Guest room - where to start decorating?

It is worth to think about it already during the design process. It is best to place it in a quiet place. Away from the kitchen or living room. A very good place would be an attic or a place above the garage. Let's consider how many people we'll be hosting and let's design the interior for a minimum of 2-3 people.

Ventilation is an important element, as this room will probably be used from time to time. Candles will surely add to the climate and regular ventilation will keep it fresh.

What is most important?

Colouring is a key element. Everyone has different preferences, so it is worth betting on something neutral such as white, beige or gray.

Very important elements to keep in mind are:

Cleanliness and freshness: we should take care of order and a pleasant fragrance. The key to this is good ventilation, regular ventilation and gentle fragrances.

Welcome kit: The most important elements are towels and mini cosmetics, especially after a journey. We should also leave something to drink and small snacks.

Equipment of the living room

Time enhancers: if we know our guests' preferences, we can leave books, newspapers and decorative elements such as flowers and fragrant candles.
Password for Wi-Fi: Nowadays it's essential elements, so we should prepare for it in advance.

Guest room: furniture and accessories

The most important element is the bed. The mattress should be new, comfortable and clean. If this room is also used by us on a daily basis, we should fit other elements such as a corner sofa or a sofa.

Additional elements are certainly a chest of drawers or wardrobe, chairs, a table and a wardrobe by the bed. All this furniture should be emptied before the arrival of guests so that they can use it freely.

The important issue is our private things. We should not leave photos or our favourite objects or other decorations there. The room should be as cluttered as possible. You can think about some image or flowers. Radio or TV set can be placed in the room as much as possible. Because guests will want a moment of privacy it is worth taking care of their comfort and silence. Roller blinds or curtains are perfect here.

Guest area without a separate room: how to arrange it?

In most houses this living room is a guest room, because people simply don't have other free rooms. Often our living room is combined with the kitchen so for the time of arrival of our guests we should take special care of their comfort and try to ensure their privacy and peace and quiet.

We should always remember about the above rules. Especially the elements that will help them to refresh after the journey, as well as food and free lockers to leave their belongings.

If we have only a separate part for guests we should buy a screen. This is a great solution because you can then separate the area in which they will feel more comfortable.



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