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19 lutego 2019

The best aesthetic medicine treatments

We have for you our ranking, in which we will show you the most popular treatments of aesthetic medicine. It is worth checking out what treatments are currently worth performing and why you can decide on them.

Patients who use the services of aesthetic medicine clinics often wonder what treatment will guarantee the best correlation of costs and effects, and at the same time it will be safe and durable. If you want to overcome any doubts, you can look at what specialists in this industry are telling us.

1. Botox

It is the botulinum toxin treatments that are relatively safe and predictable, and even if side effects occur, it can be said that they are temporary. On the other hand, however, the effects will be perfect, practically immediately noticeable and natural, they can last for several or several months.

2. treatments with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a procedure that is primarily characterized by safety, because it is a material that occurs naturally in the body. There are practically no side effects. The effect of application in smoothing wrinkles is natural and long-lasting.

3. stimulating treatments

Finally, we can say about stimulation treatments, such as those carried out with platelet rich plasma. If we want to observe their effects, we need to perform several treatments. However, the changes may have a preventive effect here and indeed this protection will be satisfactory.

Beautifying treatments

4. mesotherapy

Mesotherapy discourages because we have a high price, but also encourages because there are practically no side effects. During such a procedure, various substances are used, which we do not always have a guarantee that they work. It is difficult to determine whether we have a placebo effect, because patients start to take more care of themselves, eat better and therefore the treatment is taken seriously.

5. professional peelings

Peelings are very popular, do not cost much, and in fact they guarantee a great effect when it comes to repair and regeneration.

6. laser

Laser treatments are divided into two types: non-ablative and ablative. The first one does not cause any damage to the skin and the effect is immediate, however, in terms of effectiveness is smaller and you need to do more, so such a treatment will ultimately cost us more.

7. procedures with the use of lifting threads

Lifting threads are also becoming more and more popular are becoming a promoted product. The aim is to suspend tissues and stimulate collagen production. The effects will usually last about a year, but this treatment, which is relatively expensive.



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