5 marca 2020

Welcome your visitors in style

Modern technologies give us more and more benefits each year. Smart homes are slowly becoming the standard, allowing to easily control underfloor heating, blinds/curtains, air conditioning and remote door opening.

Another innovative device that is a perfect addition to smart homes is a door intercom by 2N. Communication with guests at the door has never been so convenient!

Door intercom – a modern solution for your home

You probably remember old intercoms with poor audio quality. Today's innovative and modern technology enables communication at the highest level. Thanks to HD audio quality you will have the impression that you are talking to someone face to face because the sound coming from the intercom is crystal clear. In addition, door intercoms by 2N have a built-in HD camera, so you will see the guest before you start talking. The camera used in door intercoms has a night mode, thanks to which you will always see who is standing at your door. This solution ensures the highest level of safety and comfort. IP intercoms also have an advanced system that will send a photo to your email of every guest at your door. This will allow you to protect yourself against potential burglars because their image will be saved as soon as they appear in front of your door.

Receive a signal from your modern intercom using any device!

People are now used to organizing everything at home using their computer, tablet or smartphone. It is no different with the advanced door intercom by 2N. This device uses Bluetooth technology and can be paired with a computer or any kind of mobile device. This enables you to use the intercom from any device, which makes it even more convenient to use. It is also worth noting that door intercoms by 2N are known for their sophisticated design. They will perfectly match the style of your building thanks to their modern look.

By choosing a modern door intercom, you can be sure that you will never have trouble understanding your guest, and its advanced technology will provide you with the highest level of security against intruders. This is what makes smart homes so special, so order an IP intercom today!

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