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29 sierpnia 2018

Non-surgical wrinkle smoothing - botox, fillers


It can be said that botox is an effective and safe treatment, which will give us an excellent effect if someone tries to fight wrinkles. It is used both in women and men, so it will be a good solution. It involves administering a small dose of the drug to selected facial muscles and it will eliminate the problems that are caused by muscle contraction.

What will botox be?

It is a purified protein preparation, which is obtained from special bacteria. Their clinical and cosmetic use consists in injecting a small dose of the drug into selected muscles, thus eliminating the problems associated with muscle contraction, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

How does BOTOX work?

The expression of our face is related to the effect of stimuli sent by the brain to muscle cells. Botox, on the other hand, will block the transition of stimuli from nerves to facial muscles associated with facial expression lines. This will effectively prevent the contraction of these muscles and at the same time will reduce the problem of wrinkling and folding of the skin.

Botox works only within the muscles into which it is injected, while other muscles continue to work as before. As a result, the facial expression will not change. But wrinkles will disappear. One can talk about something like freezing facial expressions. Botox to work only in places chosen by us. It will start working a few days after the treatment and the full effect is achieved after about 10 days.

Elimination of wrinkles

The effect of the treatment with the preparation is transient and therefore there is no need to fear that everything will remain permanently. It lasts for a few months and then our face returns to the same condition as before the treatment. Therefore, the effect of the treatment disappears gradually and if we were satisfied with it, the whole process can be repeated. Living time is now being extended and so it will not have to be implemented so often.

Is treatment with BOTOX safe?

Botox, although it is a toxin, is a product that has a great safety profile and can therefore be trusted. The preparation has been used for a long time for many health problems. Nowadays, it has led to the fact that, first of all, it allows to remove the problem of wrinkles, and when it comes to cosmetic actions, it will be used most often.


In addition to botox, other fillers, including hyaluronic acid, are also used. It is a compound that occurs naturally in the body and binds water in the epidermis. Over time it will be less, so it is worth to provide it to fill in the gaps that arise in the body due to lack of water.



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