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26 sierpnia 2018

The best wardrobe for your home

Wardrobes are furniture that we do not always associate well. In many cases, they are very massive, overwhelming the room in which they find themselves. Today, however, such wardrobes are a thing of the past. The hearts of users are conquered by aesthetic and extremely practical wardrobes. They fit into any room and are the perfect storage for all our belongings.

Where to place the wardrobe?

Without a doubt, most people consider the hallway as the best place for a wardrobe. In this room, it serves as a storage room, where we store outer garments and shoes, but also various accessories or seasonal clothing.

Of course, a perfect place for a wardrobe is also a bedroom, where you can even find space for a larger wardrobe.

If we want to divide a large space, such as a living room, a wardrobe can also serve as a partition wall. Behind it you can arrange a small office or a place to relax. What's more, in the sliding door wardrobe, we can also place a home library, TV set or playing equipment.

The wardrobe in the kitchen can be a place to store dishes or kitchen accessories. In the bathroom it can be an ideal storage for a washing machine or a basket for dirty clothes.

Arrangement of the living room

Purpose of the cabinet

A wardrobe can be used for many different purposes. Some want to store only clothes, others want it to be a wardrobe, and in other cases the wardrobe is a place to store a variety of accessories or household appliances. The purpose of the wardrobe is very important, because it depends on how the interior will be organized. Although in this case, the dimensions of the furniture are also important.

The decision about the purpose of the cabinet must be made before placing an order. Then it will be possible to pre-draw where and at what height individual shelves, hangers or rods will be located.

Appearance of the cabinet

When the purpose of the wardrobe and the place where it will be established, it's time to think about how it should look like. A recessed wardrobe can be equipped with sliding, folding or tilt doors, although it is also possible to use the 3in1 system. Its appearance, however, depends on the fronts. We can choose:

1. wooden fronts - made of solid wood or plywood, ideal for interiors with classic design. Wardrobe doors are made of laminate, veneer or decorated with veneer imitating wood.

2. glass fronts - optically enlarge the interior and give it lightness. Very elegant, they can be used in several colors of glass.

3. metal fronts - suitable for industrial style interiors due to the fact that they are heavy and raw.

4. rattan or bamboo fronts - natural, ecological and quite original, can be dyed in the color of our choice.

Plastic fronts - ideal for modern interiors, available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

6. fabric fronts - are moved or pulled up like roller blinds.



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