27 września 2018

Your own restaurant - a business for everyone?

Capital, a unique idea, willingness to act and enthusiasm for work are not always enough to succeed in the catering industry and open a restaurant that will generate revenue. Many of us forget it, pouring out the sea of tears after the failure.

Running restaurants for a large part of the public is associated with a unique, exciting activity. Not surprisingly, in the end such a picture is built by serial characters who, while running their own business, are very successful, always full of guests and a lot of time for everyday pleasures. Unfortunately, reality quickly verifies such ideas.

Running your own premises requires a lot of self-discipline and knowledge. In order to succeed, it is not enough to visit a restaurant or have a passion for cooking on a regular basis. Lack of knowledge about personnel management, sanitation requirements or proper menu arrangement can lead to severe failure.

Is there any way to set up your own restaurant and succeed with little experience but a lot of enthusiasm?

Firstly, a thorough analysis of potential profits and losses should be carried out and it should be assumed that some inevitable problems may arise. It should also be remembered that running one's own business is hard work, associated with abnormal working hours, management of several employees, who do not always have to turn out to be obedient or unexpected problems related to the functioning of the restaurant.

Secondly, it is worth supporting yourself with the experience of a trusted partner who can protect us from many problems. A great support can be provided by a franchisor who, by providing us with recipes, standards and rules worked out over the years, will allow us to avoid serious problems. In addition, it will provide us with a well-known brand, thanks to which customers will be more willing to visit the new premises.

Operation of restaurants

Thirdly, it is worth putting great emphasis on the selection of appropriate suppliers and decoration of the premises. A bad supplier is a low-quality product which in the final phase translates into unpalatable food and customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the décor of the restaurant influences the climate created by the restaurant. In the case of cooperation with the Network, the services of proven suppliers and ideas for interior design developed by specialists are used, so that failures associated with these factors can be avoided.

Fourthly, it is important to select the right team to work with. Very often the owners of catering outlets forget how much depends on a well-chosen staff. Immediately after eating, it is he who plays the greatest role in the process of customer satisfaction. It is not uncommon for a waiter or kitchen worker to work in a similar activity beforehand. Contrary to appearances, experience in the catering industry does not automatically prove that such an employee is better than a person who takes the first steps in it.

Sometimes it is worth giving a chance to people who do not have much knowledge in the desired field, but you can see that they are motivated and have the enthusiasm to work. Thanks to this, by investing in the development of such a person, the employer can gain a trusted and faithful employee, who will bring a breath of freshness and new ideas to the company. In gastronomy, it is also important to be tidy, hygienic and culturally personal, which waiters and other customer service personnel in particular should be able to demonstrate. Persons undertaking work in catering establishments should take care to encourage with their appearance and appetite after staying or visiting the premises again.

Despite the enormous responsibility it entails, running your own restaurant can be a very pleasant activity. However, it is worth seriously considering such a decision and in case of lack of experience in the industry, support yourself with the experience of a well-known network, which may protect us from failure.



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