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12 sierpnia 2018

How to take care of a white smile

As you get older, discolorations on your teeth become stronger, but their better visibility is also a consequence of certain bad habits. So what should be done to enjoy the white smile for longer?

Not everything will be whitened

First of all, it should be emphasized that although our habits have a significant impact on the color of our teeth, genes seem to be no less important in this context. As a result, teeth whitening is not always possible at all and in some circumstances only professional methods, which we can count on only in the dentist's surgery, do not fail. Whitening also does not apply to veneers, fillings, bridges and crowns, which at some point may start to stand out against the background of whitened teeth. Sometimes the only solution is to replace veneers or crowns with those that better match the colour of the other teeth.

Do not do it yourself

Whitening itself is a very fashionable topic, so it's not surprising that forums and blogs have plenty of advice on how to whiten your teeth without anyone's help. However, although we are dealing with solutions that are tempting, professionals approach them with a great deal of scepticism. Of course, products such as baking soda or wood paste do have bleaching properties, but they are mainly due to the abrasive properties of the products in question. In fact, they don't bleach your teeth at all, but they brighten them. Some "miracle measures", such as curcuma for example, can be counterproductive and therefore their use can damage the enamel and lead to new discolouration.

Look at what you have on the plate

Even before deciding on radical steps related to teeth whitening, it is worth considering what we eat, because it may turn out that this information will allow us to solve the problem of discolouration. Coloured artificial products, including carbonated and isotonic drinks, are the most discoloured, but coffee, tea, dark fruits and vegetables and all that is produced from them are also dangerous. You should be careful even with maple syrup and dark honeys, so solutions that are known to be really healthy.

The way to healthy teeth

Of course, we don't have to radically change our diet, but if our diet contains products that cause discolouration, let's strengthen oral hygiene. An interesting solution is to rinse teeth with water immediately after eating one of such products, and also to brush them around half an hour after a meal. It is also a good idea to use chewing gum, and in the dental office - professional hygienization treatments.


It is impossible to hide the fact that the process of abrasion of the enamel increases with age. When there is not enough of it, it is pierced by the tissue lying underneath it and that which is within the crown. The tooth has a characteristic yellowish shade, so it's no wonder that with age discoloration of the teeth becomes more and more visible. If we decide on professional teeth whitening, let's not forget that after its completion, the so-called white diet becomes a necessity. It consists in the resignation from dyed drinks and other dishes. If we do not follow this recommendation, we must expect that the effects of the treatment will not last too long.

Throw cigarettes

If you are fed up with discolouration on your teeth and you smoke at the same time, this is an excellent excuse to give up an addiction that is dangerous to your health. Cigarette smoke contains up to four thousand chemicals, so it's not surprising that smoker's teeth don't impress. If you say goodbye to smoking is red, use special pastes for smokers.



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