Interior design
24 lutego 2019

Colourful chairs - the way to a modern interior

In the past, colours were reserved primarily for children's or youth rooms. At the moment, however, they are also being introduced to other rooms, because it is thanks to them that the interior looks much livelier, more friendly and more energetic.

The colours are also suitable for the dining room - all the more so because their skilful selection can perfectly stimulate appetite. Colourful chairs have become a real hit, perfectly harmonizing with modern interiors. They will also work well in more traditional interiors, where they will be a great, monotonous addition. How to choose them properly?

Chairs - not only from one series

It was assumed that chairs and the table should form a complete set. At the moment, however, it is not necessary to buy the whole set at all - you can assemble it yourself using different forms and colors. Chairs do not have to come from a single series, they do not have to be of the same colour, nor do they all have to be in the same form. The only thing that should be similar is the height, but not necessarily for visual reasons, but for practical reasons. It would be difficult to eat a comfortable meal in chairs that do not fit in the size of the table. As you can see, however, chairs and the table can be connected with each other by, for example, a leading motif - even one colour that appears in the patterns of each element. However, they may differ from each other - if the rest of the room is kept in a subdued, modern tone, everything will visually harmonize with each other. Now such originality is very fashionable! It is worth remembering that a simple table and a lamp with a simple shade hanging above it will fit more colourful chairs.

colourful dining chairs

Colourful and elegant

More traditional interiors tend to focus on elegance, chic - breaking the patterns with multi-coloured chairs, it is worth taking care of toning down the rest of the decoration. The rest of the room should be less expressive and calm - thanks to this it is possible to maintain the impression of harmony and refinement. At the same time, however, the interior will not be gloomy, simple, too boring - it will be possible to bring some life and a breath of modernity into it. That is why such colourful elements are now even recommended by interior decorators. For example, for a simple wooden table - preferably in white - you can choose chairs that are also wooden but painted in different colours. As far as the lamp is concerned, an interesting composition can be obtained when you hang a wicker version of the lamp low above the table. Thanks to this, the interior will look cosy and homely. Surely everyone has to choose the chairs and dining table according to their own taste, and not everyone will like these different colors. However, it is worthwhile to play with the color, because for many rooms will be beneficial.



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