30 września 2017

iPhone X – critics’ first impressions

Every time Apple releases new iPhone, the expectations are really high. This time, with next-generation iPhone X it was the same, and users seem to be pleased with what they got. Of course, everyone is excited with the new design and build of the phone, but they want to spend some more time with it to give their opinion about it.

The thing that bothers many iPhone fans is the price of that new mobile. For the unit which has 64 gigabytes of storage, we need to pay $999, and iPhone with 256 gigabytes costs $1,146. However, some people claim that when you get the phone, you know that it was worth every penny spend on it.

The design

Many critics believe that new iPhone X is so far the best-looking product of Apple. Even though they really liked previous versions of iPhones, they feel that the new one combines all of the best ideas concerning the design of mobile phones. Others, seem to really like the size of iPhone X, which gives you almost every advantage of a Plus model, but hidden in still compact size.

The display

iPhone X has incredible 5.8-inch OLED “Super Retina HD Display” which is praised for extremely vivid colours and edge-to-edge look. To achieve that Apple had to make the bezels around the display much thinner. However, some critics are still not truly satisfied, as they think that the company could make them even smaller.

New Features in iPhone X

The Home Button

One of the most important changes in new iPhone is the fact that users will no longer use a fingerprint reader to unlock the phone. Now there is a facial recognition scheme, which seems to be much better than such systems on other smartphones, but still needs to be tested.

What is more, there is no “Home” button in new iPhone X. It has been changed and now we need to use screen gestures, like for example swiping. Some users believe it is a very good change, but there are also critics who do not really understand why Apple decided to get rid of the button.

Huge expectations

Even though users expectations concerning new Apple product were set really high, there is no doubt that iPhone X will be a huge success in the markets around the world. Its design and all the features included are everything that people want their smartphone to be like nowadays.



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