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7 stycznia 2019

How to separate the kitchen from the living room?

More and more people decide to connect the living room with the kitchen. This is a very convenient solution and looks really fantastic. Contrary to appearances, it does not mean, however, that the living room and kitchen form one whole. Usually we decide on their visual separation. But how to do this so that they still look good?

1. wall

Covering the working area in the kitchen with a wall can be an ideal solution. It is often made of glass or transparent plastic. According to our tastes, it can also be built on the entire width of the kitchen, or only on its parts.

2. island

The kitchen can also be separated from the living room by the island, which is becoming an increasingly popular element of modern interior design. Its size depends on how much space is available, but regardless of this, it is a separating element and is an additional work surface. Often a hood is mounted above the island, and underneath it practical cabinets and drawers, which are ideal storage compartments. Of course, let us remember that there must be a lot of free space around the island. This will simply make moving around the room more comfortable.

3. peninsula

If you have a slightly smaller kitchen, but you like the idea of the island, you can opt for a peninsula. It doesn't take up as much space as an island, but it still provides us with additional working space and storage space in the form of cabinets and drawers.

Open kitchen

4. bar

Another interesting and modern solution is the bar. In its case the top is slightly higher than in the islands and peninsulas. Thanks to this, it perfectly camouflages the working part of the kitchen. This type of worktop also allows you to use hockers, which are extremely fashionable in recent years. From the living room side we can see a beautiful bar, while in the kitchen there are functional cabinets.

5. minibar

A mini-bar is a common piece of equipment for slightly smaller spaces. It is lower and smaller than a traditional bar, so it does not obstruct the working area in the kitchen. However, it looks great and is a fantastic element separating the two spaces.

6. table

Kitchens and living room can also be separated by means of a table. It is also a very practical solution when we tend to eat meals with family members. Just remember that the table works well in slightly larger rooms.

7. furniture and sofa

Furniture is also a very good idea to separate the kitchen and living room. Both these high and simple, as well as slightly lower decorative furniture can be an elegant border between two spaces. If you feel like it, you can also use a sofa, which is almost an essential part of any living room.



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