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6 października 2017

Designing a space in Scandinavian style with tight budget

Scandinavian style became really popular among people around the world. It is very clean and mostly concentrates on light colours, which make certain interiors more cozy, especially in winter when sun goes down really early. But is it possible to design your home in Scandinavian style without great amount of money? Of course it is! And the house of Tara Ballantyne is a great example of that. But how did she do it?

Living room

Who said that you need to spend thousands of dollars on stylish and modern furniture? You just need an idea and some old furniture to turn them over into incredible accessories that will astonish everyone. Of course, they will require some work, but sometimes you just need to sand or paint them, and they start to look like from a catalog. In the interiors designed in Scandinavian style, white colour is the most important one. Not only walls are painted white, but also most furniture, like sofas and accessories are light.


Wood is another important element of such spaces. Again, sometimes you don’t have to visit furniture stores to get something interesting. Tara, for example made tables to her living room from electrical pole that fell over. But even small accessories made of wood can bring some kind of warmth into the room, like cutting boards in the kitchen.


If you want to renovate your whole kitchen, you may want to do the same thing as Tara did. She saved a lot of money because she asked her friends for help. Some of them knew how to install the floors, while others helped with lights and plumbing. What is more, she bought the most basic cabinets and tiles that were on a sale.

Stylish furniture

Dining room

If you save money on most furniture in the room, you may spend a little more on the piece that you really care about. And Tara’s dining room is a great example of it. She repainted an old oak table, a candlestick and grandmother’s dresser, but in return she decided to spend some more money on chairs, as she loved their design.

Clever closet space

To create a closet space at the entrance to your home, you do not need to buy an actual wardrobe. Tara decided to mount a wooden organizer with cubbies on the wall, and instead of some small table, she put a stepstool under it. So there is a place to hide some accessories, hang a coat, and put away your keys.


The first thing that comes to mind while designing a bedroom in Scandinavian style is a bed built from wooden pallets. It looks incredible, and is also very cheap to make. And if you do not like carpets, just like Tara, you may replace them with plywood, which looks much more natural and fits Scandinavian style perfectly.



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