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24 sierpnia 2020

6 tricks for beautiful hair in summer

​The sun dries hair and takes away its shine. That's why it's worth using a conditioner with a filter on the beach and a regenerating mask at home. It works! 

1. Cut the ends before the holiday

This is important, especially if they tend to split. When you cut them, they will become more resistant to the sun and salt water. When you visit your hairdresser's, it's also worthwhile to opt for an intensive regeneration treatment. Just one will make a difference. Your hair will look better on holiday.

2) Control the frizz

Dry hair turns into hay when exposed to damp air, so if you're going on holiday by the sea, take a nourishing mask. Applied once a week, it helps tame unruly strands. Also, wipe your hair with a cotton T-shirt after each wash. It's best to wrap your head around it and let the water soak into the fabric. The shirt is smoother than a towel and doesn't jerk your hair, making it more disciplined.

3) When you're on the beach, spray the filters

In addition to sunbathing cream, it is worthwhile to put a mist or hair oil with UV filters in your beach bag. The sun's rays damage their structure and such a cosmetic protects them like an umbrella. The most convenient is a spray, preferably used every few hours. If you don't have any oil, before you jump into the pool or the sea, pour mineral water from the bottle. Once absorbed, they will not be so susceptible to salt or chlorinated water. It is best to rinse them after bathing too.

4. Add volume with dry shampoo

Thin hair quickly loses its freshness, especially in summer when your head is sweating. To avoid wasting time on holiday, throw a small bottle of dry shampoo into the beautician. At the drugstore you can buy one that adds extra volume. The instructions are simple: you spray the hair at the roots, massage the product and comb out the rest of it. Washing the fringe itself is also a good way to quickly refresh your hairstyle. Because it sticks to your forehead, it's easier to get greasy. This partial cleansing saves time and has a great effect.

5. wash with a special conditioner

Coloured and dried hair is extremely vulnerable to damage. That's why it's worth washing it in summer with a cleanser. Lately it has been a real hit. Such conditioner does not foam and is washed very gently, so it is milder than shampoo. Besides, it immediately covers the hair with a protective layer, which saves valuable holiday time. It is best to use it alternately with a traditional shampoo set plus a regular conditioner.

6. colour gently

If you notice that your hair colour has lost its strength after returning from your holiday, use a mild henna-based product, without ammonia or oxidants, instead of a traditional paint. It's ideal for dry strands. This natural paint simultaneously turns the colour upside down and improves the condition of the hair, because henna strengthens its structure and increases resistance to damage. After the treatment, the hair is soft, shiny and better arranged. The colour is washed out gradually within a few weeks.

7. Natural lightening

This summer there are gentle sunshine reflections on the top. They give your hair volume and take years. You can make it easy with a camomile infusion. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray it over a few strands around the head or just on the face. Then blow-dry your hair thoroughly and go out in the sun. It will brighten up nicely when exposed to its rays. To get a clear effect, sometimes this treatment must be repeated several times.

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