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6 maja 2019

L-ascorbic acid - vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential ingredient in the daily diet of every human being. L-ascorbic acid is a variety of ascorbic acid. A compound that has a beneficial effect on the body if dosed appropriately. It is naturally present in many food products. However, it is so delicate that it is often destroyed.

Vitamin C is damaged in contact with heat and air. That makes her one of the most fragile vitamins. L-ascorbic acid is recommended for those who lead an active, stressful lifestyle. Administration of vitamin C supports the nervous and immune systems against possible diseases and infections.

L-ascorbic acid - vitamin

Vitamin C has an extremely important function in the human body because:

  • It has an antioxidant effect

  • Berze's participation in the synthesis of collagen

  • Facilitates healing of wounds and cuts

  • It is essential to maintain the well-being of connective tissue

  • It has a destructive effect on bacteria that cause caries.

  • Strengthens the immune system

According to specialists, the use of vitamin C during the cold period does not alleviate its symptoms and does not contribute significantly to improving health. Therefore, l-ascorbic acid does not protect against potential diseases. The direct effects of vitamin C can be felt by people who are engaged in hard work, physical work or regular sports. Then the effect of vitamin C on the prevention of colds can increase by up to 50%.

Vitamin C deficiency

What are the most common symptoms of vitamin C deficiency?

  • Gum bleeding

  • Tine prolapse

  • Reduced resistance, susceptibility to various types of battery and viral infections

  • Vascular brittleness

  • Anemia,

  • Muscle and joint pains, swelling

  • Abnormal bone build-up

L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C from sauerkraut

To prevent l-ascorbic acid deficiency, it is recommended to use sauerkraut juice, which supplements vitamin C in the body. A drink made from sauerkraut, despite its characteristic sour taste, has a number of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immunity. Additionally, it helps to produce proper collagen and protects cells from oxidative stress. Caution: Excessive consumption of sauerkraut juice can cause unpleasant side effects. To prevent this, follow the instructions on the label or the leaflet.

Source of vitamin C

I-ascorbic acid, vitamin C - opinions


I was quite skeptical about the intake of l-ascorbic acid in the form of a dietary supplement. Until now, I have tried to eat products that contain vitamin C, but that was not enough. I've been feeling this vitamin deficiency. Ever since I regularly take vitamin C, I've seen a huge difference.


For some time now, I've noticed that my gums are blood-stained and quite intense. I quickly realized that this was due to the small amount of vitamin C I was eating. I started to make up for these deficiencies and everything was normal. My teeth don't hurt and, importantly, they don't bleed!



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