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How does WiFi Calling work?

Imagine that you are in a place where there is no coverage at all. Your phone stubbornly cannot find a network, and you suddenly have to call somewhere urgently. This is where WiFi Calling, a new technology for making calls and sending text messages, comes in. Check what WiFi Calling is and how to turn this service on and off.
Option WiFi Calling is available in some smartphones. This function is saved together with the software in the phone's memory and you can control it e.g. via a special application. 


WiFi Calling - what is it?

WiFi Calling is an innovative technology that allows you to make a call or send a text message despite the lack of range and access to the network operator's transmitters. This feature uses the local WiFi network to which your phone is connected, and is available worldwide.

As you make a call, your number (the person making the call) is displayed on the recipient's screen. Importantly, the person you are calling does not need to be using WiFi Calling to receive your call, but must have a WiFi Calling enabled phone. 

What are the advantages of phones with WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling technology is only available on certain mobile devices. The top three advantages of using smartphones that support this service are:

making calls and sending text messages despite the lack of coverage of any Polish station - thanks to WiFi Calling you will no longer have difficulties using your phone even in the smallest towns, in villages and in places where your phone previously could not find access to the operator's network;

better quality of phone calls in places where the range is weak and in buildings where wave propagation is difficult - if you live in a block of flats or in places where the phone often loses range (e.g. in a basement), WiFi Calling will solve this problem and will make the quality of calls independent of the range, and you will forget about the interrupted calls or the inability to send text messages;

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lower charges for calls made from other countries - WiFi Calling allows you to avoid international charges. This means that if you call from France to Poland for example, you will pay the same as for a regular local phone call in our country. Before making a call remember to activate airplane mode. This avoids the risk of accidental charges if your smartphone switches to mobile data. This can happen, for example, when the WiFi signal weakens temporarily. 

How to activate WiFi Calling?

Polish operators have introduced native support for Wi-Fi Calling. This means that it is available in the form of software loaded into the memory of your smartphone and not every phone supports it. If you have a phone with Wi-Fi Calling, you do not need to configure it or install any additional software or applications. 

Depending on what device you are using and who your carrier is, you can usually activate Wi-Fi calling and making calls in one of three ways:

  • by finding the option to enable WiFi Calling in the settings,
  • by launching an application downloaded into your phone's memory,
  • sending a free text message to a number indicated by the operator with a specified content.

An analogous path is how to disable WiFi Calling.

If you have difficulties or concerns about activating WiFi Calling yourself, please contact your operator's customer service or ask the advisors at a landline service centre.

WiFi Calling application: is it available for everyone?

WiFi Calling in Poland has been introduced by a few operators. Despite that not all of them make this option available in all their offers. Some networks have given an opportunity to use this technology e.g. only to post-paid customers.

Before using the service check if your operator provides a full functionality of WiFi Calling or only selected options. For example some mobile networks only allow their customers to make calls without the possibility of sending SMS and MMS. 

How much does WiFi Calling cost?

If you want to use WiFi Calling you do not have to pay any activation fee. Prices for calls made depend on the tariff plans you choose. If you have the unlimited option, you will pay nothing for domestic calls from your local WiFi network. Calls abroad will be billed at your operator's main rate. For more information on costs please see the terms of service.

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