14 lipca 2023

Why are website titles so important?

Films, songs, books, poems, and even websites - what connects all these concepts? Each of them has titles. They can be longer, shorter, more or less catchy, but each one of these items must have a title to be recognizable. In the first four concepts, it is the people who assess the given work. They talk about the latest movie they've watched, an interesting read, or a song they heard. The conversation starts with the titles of individual pieces to clarify what they're talking about. Have you ever wondered how it works for a website? We assume that none of you run to your friend and say - Listen, I visited an interesting website "Website Positioning, Adwords Campaigns" and spent a lot of time there. Rather, it looks like this: - By chance, I went to a site about "Krakow SEO" and learned a few useful things from it. Then you usually send a link to the site, and the whole story ends. In the case of WWW sites, the title is important primarily for internet bots that are constantly prowling the corners of the net.

A bit of technique

Tag title (that's the professional term for the title of a website) can be spotted at the top of the browser on the bar indicating the currently open sites. Now look at the top of the screen and check if it really works. You should see the title of this text, followed by a dash, and the keywords for our blog. You don't usually do that, right? Besides, it's not a particularly interesting issue for 99% of people browsing the Internet. We left that 1% for people working in SEO, who consider this as one of the key elements of online campaigns. Returning to the earlier mentioned bots, they focus on recognizing individual pages and subpages, so it's good if each subpage has a different title, which gives our little robot a signal to properly value it. Sometimes it's enough to just add another number. The words that make up the title are a kind of business card for the robot, it's also a definition of what the website is actually about. The initial words are of the most significant value for it, and if there are more of them, each of them loses its value. For example:

Cheap flights Madrid Barcelona - each word is 25% of the total

Flights Bhutan - that's already 50% of the weight of the keywords

At this point, it's worth mentioning what a positioner has to deal with when "arranging" the Tag title:

- they must determine how many keywords the title will consist of,

- in what order they will appear,

- and which words to choose to precisely adapt to the website's theme.

Also worth noting are the characters that separate individual words - keys. Usually, a popular hyphen and "|" are used.

Optimal length of titles

As in the introduction, we will also try to illustrate this to you based on works of culture. Many years of experience by SEO agencies suggest that a properly selected title should be within the range of 50 - 60 characters. There are a few films and songs that would not fit within our criterion: "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" - 84 characters, "Get busy living or get busy dying (do your part to save the scene and stop going to shows)" by Fallout Boy - 92 characters. Tag titles are characterized by conciseness and accuracy, which is why titles with a large number of characters do not have a positive impact on SEO activities.

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