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21 kwietnia 2021

Mutual masturbation - what it is and why you should try it. Our inspirations.

When we think of masturbation, it's likely that the thought of a sexual activity that we will be doing on our own pops into our heads. And so it's often the case that masturbation - or self-masturbation, as some prefer to call it - is a very intimate and private part of our sex life that we celebrate in solitude. And that is perfectly ok.
Today, however, I would like to offer you a different idea of masturbation and invite you into the world of shared, partnered masturbation. Shared masturbation can be understood in two ways - either we mean the scenario where each person masturbates in front of the other or the one where you use masturbation techniques to satisfy your partner. Both of these are worth trying out.

Instead of sex?

Masturbation together is not something that is meant to replace your favorite sexual activities, but something that can complement them and thus bring something new and fresh into your sex life. It seems that masturbation is such an ordinary thing, but I assure you that when you include your partner in this activity, its face will change.
Masturbation should not be treated as an enemy of our sex, it is a completely different sexual activity, different but equally valuable. Being in a relationship you do not have to choose between sex and masturbation, both can exist in one space, side by side.

Build a relationship

When masturbating, it is very easy to look into each other's eyes for extended periods of time and I encourage you to try this. Watching your partner's face and his/her pleasure can greatly enhance your experience. 
For some, watching their partner's orgasmic face can lead to their own climactic moment of pleasure. Looking into each other's eyes also builds intimacy.
Another way to build mutual trust during masturbation is to allow your sense of sight to be cut off (e.g., using a blindfold), focus only on your pleasure, and at the same time allow your partner/partner to masturbate under our view. This requires a lot of trust - to have a loved one right next to you, but cut off from him/her into his/her own world of self-love. And he/she is just an observer, a visitor.

Show each other what you like

Such shared masturbation is a great opportunity to show your partner/partner exactly what you like best. What touch gives you the most pleasure, what is your favorite pace and pressure. By watching you, your partner learns things that they can later use in partner sex.
You can ask your partner to masturbate you in the way you like best, to show him exactly how and what you like. Direct his/her hand, his/her movements. You have total control, he/she follows your lead, learning your pleasure.
mutual masturbation

Make masturbation more fun

You can take your masturbation with you into the bath or shower or any other room in the house. It is surprising how much of a feeling of newness such a small change can bring. You can prepare for masturbation - take care of nice underwear, light candles (which can then be used for massage), put on music. Create an atmosphere of uniqueness.
Masturbation together can be as important and expected as other sexual activities - don't treat it as something inferior, a quick way to relieve tension.
A great way to masturbate is to masturbate in front of a mirror. Be sure to try it! When you masturbate as a couple, looking at yourself and your partner in the mirror can be very liberating. In this way you also learn to accept and tame your appearance in sex. For many people this is a problem. Don't hold back when it comes to making sounds either. Yell or talk to yourself or your partner. Especially if you have never done it before. 

Invite gadgets into your bedroom

Masturbating together is also a great time to use erotic gadgets and invite them into your relationship.
Erotic gadgets are not a threat to your relationship, instead they can be a great addition to it. This is the moment to show your partner/partner how a penis masturbator or clitoral massager works. They may have never seen them in action before.
How about inviting each other to masturbate mutually? Using gadgets on another person can be wildly exciting and titillating. If you have a favorite vibrator or dildo, give it to the other person. You may find that it works even greater wonders in her hands. Find best erotic gadgets on >>

Share yourself and have fun

I encourage you to make joint masturbation sessions a permanent part of your sex life. It's a great time to share yourself with your partner/partner, to invite them into an area of your life that is usually only yours. Show yourself from a vulnerable, raw side. Sexuality without a protective shell, sexuality that is a bit selfish, sexuality that is focused on your pleasure.

There is definitely a place for it in your erotic life.




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