2 lipca 2019

Each country has different customs. So how should we behave in individual countries?

By the way man acts, you can deduce which country he comes from. Did you know that? Each country has its own customs and lives in its own way. Many behaviours of people from different countries are already known, for example, from traveling around the world where we were, or from well-known stereotypes.

A common stereotype is that the English drink tea all the time, especially at 17:00, we always hear about the Germans that they take overtime at work and do not like to spend money, they are stingy. Another stereotype is that Italians are very loud, they scream very often during conversations, they do not maintain order, they always stick to their mother and it is difficult for them to become independent even if they are over forty years old.

Some behaviour of people from other countries may surprise us, not always positively. However, before we go on a foreign holiday, it is worth to get acquainted with the customs of the country to which we are going. Surely most of us are also interested in what foreigners think about the behavior and customs of Poles? Do they have a good opinion of Poland? What shocks them?

In Germany, it's not worth giving up your seat

Currently, many people are talking about giving up their seats on buses. Should we do this when, like everyone else, we pay for the possibility of using communication? Who really needs to sit on a bus. Do we, tired after work, have a duty to give up our seats? Many people discuss this subject, many Poles, especially young people, give up their place for the elderly. Such behaviour is positively perceived by society, but will it be so everywhere? Not everywhere old people will be happy to get a vacancy. In Germany, people are not taught such behaviour, but in Poland it is a sign of human culture.

In America, being late is considered a bad thing.

Each of us is probably upset not by punctuality. If we ever invite guests from America, let's not count on punctuality, surely there will not be a point at the scheduled time and we will have to wait.According to them it will be the most cultural behavior, and the arrival on time is not polite and not in place. Most of us in Poland do not like to be late. If we have an important meeting, often because we are afraid of being late, we come much earlier. Not punctuality means disrespect for us. Some of us manage to take over this custom from the Americans more than once. People from America don't hide their emotions, they like to laugh loudly. Older people may be disturbed by it in Poland, so it is better not to behave in such a way, especially in public places.

Customs in Japan

In Japan, it's normal to slurp and tip...

When you want to go to Japan, read more about the customs and behaviors there. You may be surprised at how different Japan is from European countries in terms of culture, so you should get to know them better in advance in order to avoid mistakes. Don't feel uncomfortable at the table, you can slurp slowly, because that's what makes you happy with your meal. This way you can show the hosts that you liked the meal very much. When visiting a restaurant, do not tip. A waiter in Japan will not understand that you just want to reward him and thank him for his services, he will not like this behavior. In Japan, we may encounter a very strange profession of the so-called "pusher". Its purpose is to help people to get into the subway, or rather to force them to do so, which can be a shock to us.

In China, there's a lot of spitting.

Most of us don't like to see a spitting man. The Chinese do not mind at all and spit practically everywhere they are. In China, we will also meet many smokers who practice their addiction in public places.

In France, one drinks coffee addicted to addiction

In France, people love to enjoy their coffee and love their famous espresso cafes, which are famous all over the world.

In Brazil, people love to shower.

In this country, people often take a shower, of course, because of the hot climate. They want their guests to use the shower regularly.



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