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19 kwietnia 2021

EMS training - what does it consist in? Effects of muscle electrostimulation

EMS training stimulates muscles to work through their electrostimulation. Thanks to this modern technology weight loss does not have to be bought with hectoliters of sweat, and building muscle mass is almost painless. Training with EMS stimulator builds strength, improves condition and burns fat tissue faster than traditional exercises. Check out what the electrostimulation muscle training is about and what effects it gives.
EMS training, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is a physical exercise performed with the use of modern technology of muscle electrostimulation. Such training consists in connecting the exercising person to a specially constructed outfit equipped with electrodes that help the brain send impulses to the muscles. Thanks to this, the muscles work almost the same as during a regular workout, but the impulses that go to the brain are sent with even greater efficiency.
Training with EMS electrostimulator is more and more popular in Poland. It is practiced in gyms, beauty salons and rehabilitation clinics.

What is EMS training?

Before starting EMS training, we perform a body composition analysis, and the trainer selects the appropriate type of exercise, which is matched to our condition and training goals that we want to achieve.
After the examination and interview, we put on a specially prepared vest, a waist belt and bands for thighs and arms, to which the electrodes are attached. Dressed this way, we perform exercises recommended by the trainer. Electrical impulses are designed to support the work of the brain, which sends impulses to neurons located in the muscles and thus activates them to work.
Each impulse is transmitted at a different frequency chosen for the relevant muscle group. The impulses generated during the training have the same parameters as the impulses generated by the human brain, so they are completely harmless, safe for health and - which is very important - painless.
A 20-minute electrostimulation of muscles replaces a 3-hour training at the gym.
The most important advantages of electrostimulation of muscles
The main advantages of EMS training include its short duration and quick effects. EMS takes only 20 minutes and can be performed even once a week. On average, EMS stimulates 150 times more muscle contractions than conventional training and burns up to 1,200 kcal, making weight loss three times faster than with traditional exercise.
A big advantage of EMS is also the ease of execution, because during EMS training rather basic physical exercises are selected. A huge advantage of this type of training is that there is no risk of injury. Each workout is performed under the supervision of an instructor who takes care of safety and monitors the progress and course of our workouts.
During an electrostimulation workout, as many as 8 muscle groups are engaged, and even those lying deep inside the body are stimulated to effort. Stimulating them to work during standard training is much more difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

What are the effects of EMS training?

The effects of training with EMS stimulator are visible after 4-6 weeks, and the first effects appear even after the first training. The results depend on the training goal, according to which the trainer selects exercises designed to stimulate selected muscle areas.

Who is EMS for and who should avoid it?

EMS training is suitable for people who have already worked out, as well as those who are just beginning their adventure with physical activity. EMS saves a lot of time because it only takes about 20 minutes, which is at least three times less than a regular workout at the gym.
EMS will be perfect for people who care about fast effects achieved in a relatively short time. The first effects of training with electrical muscle stimulation are visible after about a month. EMS training is used not only by amateurs, but also by people with extensive sports experience, such as footballers or world champions in boxing.
Despite the fact that muscle electrostimulation is safe, pregnant women should not use the training, because the influence of the impulses on the development of the fetus has not been thoroughly examined. People with artificial pacemakers should also avoid EMS, as it can interfere with their function. Patients with hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes, and atherosclerosis must also avoid training with an electric stimulator because it can endanger their health.


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