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2 maja 2018

17 ways to arrange a modern living room with a fireplace

There are so many ways of modern living room arrangement that it is difficult to choose the design of the most cosy and warm room quickly and without major problems. Not everyone likes the modern and austere Scandinavian style, that is why we present 17 propositions of arrangement of this important room for relaxation and rest. The basic criterion on which we based our choice is a pleasant atmosphere, warmth and comfort.

A modern living room that you don't want to leave.

The living room is a room that is not only a place to meet friends and family, but above all a place to rest. What makes the living room particularly warm and cosy is the right accessories and equipment, such as fluffy pillows, well-fitting bedspreads, curtains and carpets. Lighting and a luxurious addition such as a fireplace will also be important. A perfect solution, especially when there is no proper installation for a classic fireplace, is a bio-fireplace, which will warm up and beautify our living room to the same degree. The gallery, in which we present 17 different arrangements of the living room, may become helpful in determining the style that will be closest to your expectations.

The architect advises what, where and how to do it.

Designing a dream salon is a much more difficult subject than it may seem. Equipment such as a couch, comfortable armchairs, coffee table and a fireplace are just a small part of what you should take into account when decorating your living room. There are many factors that will determine the effect, especially the choice of furniture and decorative elements. The whole will be influenced not only by the architecture of the interior, but also by the specificity of life of the household members and the budget that they want to spend on the arrangement of the living room. Differences will also occur during interior design in a single-family house, residence, apartment and apartment. In the residence, due to the frequent separation of rooms, the viewing space and representative character of the living room will be important, while in smaller houses or flats, the living room performs many functions and, what is related to this, will constitute only a part of the developed space.

Modern living room

A way to have a living room with a fireplace

Of course, the best way to get the right atmosphere in the living room is to place a fireplace in it. On the market we have many proposals concerning the type, appearance and technical parameters of living room fireplaces. These can be both closed and open fireplaces. Both types have advantages, and only the organisational factor can influence their choice. In the classic open fireplace we have a sense of proximity to the fire, which will be perfect for more spacious rooms. Closed fireplaces are more practical when you have to leave the house, just close the door and you do not have to worry about the furniture in the vicinity of the fireplace. We also have an excellent choice for matching the fireplace to our living room. If we value the classic style, then we can use natural stones to build it, and if we prefer more modern, the building can be made of e.g. the same material as the walls. Thanks to this solution we will focus only on the view of the fire.

Safety in the living room

It is very important to remember about the safe distance between the fireplace and the furniture (especially upholstered furniture) when decorating the living room. To assess the correct distance, refer to the specified cartridge power. In the case of a closed fireplace, the distance is from 110 to 160 cm, and if you decide to have an open fireplace, the free space should be about 200 cm. A slab located directly in front of the fireplace is also important as it protects the floor against burning wood. Its length for a closed fireplace should be approx. 70 cm, and for an open fireplace approx. 100 cm (thanks to this, there is still room for a protective screen).

We arrange a well-lit and spacious living room

Fashion for large glazed lounges, even though they illuminate rooms properly, is not always a good solution. The reason may be e.g. a high density of buildings, which forces architects to use quite unusual solutions increasing the attractiveness of the designed space. It is worth noting this, especially when selecting a project. Thanks to this we will be able to enjoy the view from the living room without looking into the windows. It is important that the view is cropped correctly (using a window by the floor) and that a so-called open corner is used, which will allow to obtain an almost panoramic view. It is a very simple element, but it provides an extraordinary experience, especially when you manage to install even a narrow and high glass pane.



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