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28 listopada 2018

How to arrange a children's room?

A child's room is a place that at the same time has to be used for learning, playing, storing and sleeping, so its device is not an easy task. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to reconcile multiple functions in one room.

When designing a child's room, one should not forget about the importance of the age of the toddler. In practice, this means that for the youngest it is best to design by walking on the knees. We should not forget how much time adults spend in such a room. They scroll, feed and organize the baby's belongings, so it is good to take care of their comfort as well. When a child is older, it is advisable to involve him/her in the design process and ask for an opinion. Security issues must always be taken into account. Children's ideas can surprise many adults, so it is good to take care of materials that are not only durable, but also easy to keep clean.

Skilful assessment of needs

When arranging a children's room, one should not forget that children of different ages also have different needs. They are predictable, but require a moment of reflection. If you are considering the location of a small child's room, make sure that it is located as close to the parents' bedroom as possible. The teenager, on the other hand, will like the room located near the entrance to the house, although he will not worsen the room in the attic either. When the child is still in pre-school age, his room does not have to be large, because the child is still most willing to stay where he or she can maintain eye contact with his or her parents.

Children's furniture

The situation is slightly different when a child grows up. A teenager needs intimacy and is more and more willing to invite friends. In his room it is also good to take care of an additional place to sleep, because it may turn out that one of his friends would like to stay overnight. Regardless of the size, when choosing a room for a child, it is worth taking care of its lighting. This is where the principle that the sunnier the room is, the better.

The art of embracing space

When decorating a children's room, it may be helpful to do an exercise where we perceive it as a three-dimensional body. This allows for a more skillful use of space. Furniture can therefore, in principle, be divided into three groups. The first one consists of those located just above the floor and they are the children's kingdom. If they are located slightly higher, they can be used by a toddler who has already learned to walk, while on the top there are furniture that is used mainly by parents. Of course, the organisation of space changes depending on how the child develops. So at some point the toddler turns into a teenager, and the latter comes to the conclusion that he deserves access to the whole room.



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