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How does the preparation for wearing orthodontic braces look like?

If we notice that our child's teeth do not grow properly, we should not hesitate to visit the orthodontist. If he or she thinks it is necessary to use the device, we have to take into account the need to make several preparatory visits beforehand.

The first one provides for thorough cleaning of teeth, on which there can be not only plaque, but also tartar and tartar, which is sometimes located under the gums. If this cannot be done in a single visit, you will need to repeat the procedure. It is also necessary to eliminate all cavities, because if we deal with them, they are a contraindication to orthodontic healing. Professional cleaning is a necessity, when we do not want to struggle with gum and periodontal diseases, because these, after putting on the device, can develop faster.

Even before its foundation, the doctor usually does not refer only to the traditional examination, although it is also important. He usually asks you to take a panoramic x-ray of all teeth, a lateral skull photo and a photograph describing the condition of the teeth before starting treatment. The final stage of preparation is making plaster prints of all teeth. When the analysis of all images and examinations is completed, the doctor decides which treatment method is best for a particular patient. Sometimes, even before the braces are fitted, some teeth need to be removed in order for the jaw to have the desired shape, however, this activity is carried out primarily with regard to adult patients.

Placing braces on teeth

Fitting orthodontic braces varies depending on the patient we are dealing with. Sometimes it is possible immediately, but there are also patients who have to be separated, i.e. a procedure in which special elastic elements are placed between the teeth to create space for the rings that are then placed on the first molar teeth. The next visit takes place after a week. The orthodontist then removes the elements and places special rings on the molar teeth.

Inserting orthodontic braces

Only at this stage is it possible to put on the device. Locks are glued to individual teeth and elastic wire is fixed to them with the use of ligatures. It is he who presses the teeth, and the strength of this pressure is determined by the doctor.

Such action contributes to the fact that it is possible to correct not only the teeth themselves, but also their roots. If the malocclusion is large, it may be necessary to insert metal brackets, often considered less attractive by the patients themselves. Inspection visits usually take place once a month. During the process, the dentist assesses the setting of the teeth and compares their condition with the pattern that he had previously laid down. In some cases it is necessary to modify the hearing instrument-specific settings. The camera is not always worn at the same time. It usually depends on the type of defect and the progress of treatment, but it is estimated that the treatment should not last longer than two years today.

What is allowed and what is not after orthodontic braces are put on

Orthodontic treatment is not painful today, although the first days after fitting the braces are associated with significant discomfort. Immediately after putting on the braces you should expect that our teeth will be more sensitive, which may turn out to be troublesome while eating. This does not mean, however, that you should only eat paps, although for a certain period of time it is really advisable not to chew very hard products so that the locks do not come loose. For the first few days it is also good to limit sweets, especially those that stick to the teeth.



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